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cool off zone

PODCAST: Cool-Off Zone S02E04

Hosted by Lola and Helen

This Episode reveals the songs that  are mostly listened to by our listeners during their quiet times at home. Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know what your neighbor listens to at home alone? Well we thought it would be fun, so we’d gladly share

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PODCAST: Episode 3 – Wax on Waxman

This week I was joined in the studio by Paul Waxman. Luckily when we sat down in the studio we got off on a better foot then the first time I met him the week before when I was grump. Paul hosts the show before me on Radio Monash. Paul, I learnt, despite initially having little interest in English became very passionate in his final year of high school thanks to the impact of a tutor. His interest led him to start a Bachelor of Journalism and Arts majoring in Film and Television studies. Outside of his studies Paul has a serious addiction to vinyl forking over a small fortune for a pretty serious collection. If you enjoyed my interview with Paul, have a listen to his show “From Start to Finish” every Friday at 3pm.

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Beats and Vinyl #8 with text (1)

Beats & Vinyl #8 – The Drum & Bass Edition

This week we dived into drum & bass! I had a special guest Nathan help me listen to and comment on a selection of great tracks. We mainly played retro tunes but a couple of personal favourites and modern mixes as well. Whilst not a strictly drum & bass track, The Prodigy’s No Good (Start the Dance) was a highlight, as well as going even further back to 1993 with Origin Unknown and a mix of Valley of the Shadows.

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