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Humon #5 – 29th July 2016

The Lives of Humans at Monash… Curated by Hugh Murray //

Since coming here, a lot of people have asked me about the election. It’s all Trump this and Trump that. Everyone I’ve met has asked me about Trump. It’s as though I’ve become stereotyped in advance as an American. People think we’re rebellious and radical, as though we don’t have respect for authority. Even professors call me out as an American; in my business law lecture, they know me as ‘America’. You just have to take it as it is. Read more …


PODCAST: Deja Moo #18 – “Fictional?”

Hosted by: Connor Johnston, Paris Balla and Yusuf Aly

18Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? This week on Deja Moo the team tackle the Fictional Sport turned Real-Life World Championships of Quidditch and the Republican Convention that we wish was nothing more than Fictional. It’s also one of the biggest weeks for nerds all year with SDCC seeing the release of no less than a million trailers: we make our way through them all!

Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy.

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Spoilers (duh!) 

So for those of you who are new to the whole Bachelor (henceforth Bachie) franchise, the show works this way: some ‘lucky guy’, the aforementioned Bachelor, is “looking for love” and, having had some alleged ill-luck in this endeavour, is appearing on a television show to find his “perfect match” or “soul mate” – or whatever title Nicholas Sparks conjures up in his next oh-so-disgusting novel.

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PODCAST: Monash Mornings #2 – “Hump Day”

Hosted by Connor Johnston and Shelbui Inglis

Connor and Shelbui return to help get you through your hump day. We celebrate the launch of the Bachelor with the first edition of “Shelbui’s cyberchase, discuss the awkwardness of the enema operations as well as get gobsmacked from all ends of the ‘Size’ and ‘Shaving’ debates. All that and more in our #HumpDay special of Monash Mornings.

Start your week with 2 loose cannons and be a better version of you. Join Connor and Shelby every Monday at 9AM, half asleep and totally disoriented – tackling the worlds problems through the filters of innuendo and hardcore comedic gold. Featuring music designed to get you started for the long week ahead and some random tunes that might make you wish you never woke up. From sex dolphins to litterbugs, horoscopes to inside jokes: It doesn’t get much rowdy than this.

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