A girl does not want to read spoilers.

Oaths were broken this week. Jon Snow’s watch is ended. Arya foregoes her ‘list’. Varys’ ‘little birds’ have defected to Qyburn, the new Master of Whisperers on the small council in King’s Landing.

It was a rather peculiar week for Game of Thrones. Slow paced, yet still fairly eventful, it seemed like the episode was at odds with itself. They were trying hard to kill time and develop the story at the same time. While characters such as Arya and Jon had some great character developments here, scenes such as Tryion’s and Samwell’s seemed like all filler. Comparatively, this is a slow episode. But it seems almost like GOT’s creators are trying their hardest to keep the show slow yet interesting, but the result is rather conflicting and non-cohesive.

If we are being 100% honest though, the episode still kicks arse overall. On the agenda this week was Jon’s arse and his “pecker”. So, let’s go around the grounds and breakdown what is happening in Westeros and beyond this week.


At The Wall

This week the Nights Watch dealt with the fallout from the Lord Commander’s resurrection; with the Red Woman rediscovering her faith and the traitors paying the ultimate price for Jon’s murder.

There really is no solid concept of ‘Justice’ in the world of Game of Thrones; be it retributive, divine or simply not administrated. However, there is a certain amount of satisfaction to be taken from the deaths of Ollie and Ser Alliser. Furthermore, the execution allowed Jon one last opportunity to reinforce the manner in which he lead the nights watch: With fairness, but also a strict brutality when necessary – mirroring that of his father’s rule of Winterfell.

Prediction: With Jon walking away from the Watch at the conclusion of the episode, it seems that the wall remains plagued by an atmosphere of uncertainty regarding its future, and its role in the coming war.

2016-05-13 (7)
It is important to note he is walking out on the Watch and the Wildlings at the same time here. So where is he going?!


Elsewhere in the North, the ripples of Ramsey’s terror have continued to spread following the murder of his father, step-mother and newborn brother last week. It is House Umber that is the latest clan to succumb to Ramsey’s reign, providing the Bastard-Lord with Rickon Stark and the head of Shaggy, Rickon’s dire wolf. It’s an absolute joy to have yet another Stark back in the world of Westoros, though I must say I’m less than thrilled with the brutal future that seems to await him. I wonder what part of his body Rickon will lose first?

Prediction: A fan theory is fast gaining momentum, suggesting that the direwolf head was not of Shaggydog’s and that House Umber and Stark are conspiring to penetrate the Bolton’s vice grip on Winterfell from the inside.

North of the Wall…

Bran and Bloodraven have Greendream & Chill, revealing the long-awaited Tower of Joy scene. Dragged back to present-day before Ned gets inside, Bran has a shouting match with Bloodraven.

This fight-scene was epic, although the significance of Howland Reed’s ‘backstab’ is still unclear. We’re left begging for R+L=J confirmation, as intended, which we’ll surely get soon. There was also a hint Bran can semi-communicate to the past, as in the books. But crucially, what does Bloodraven want? Why is he so selective about what Bran sees?

Prediction: It is pretty safe to suggest that in the coming weeks the revelation of Jon’s heritage will be continued in the flashbacks where Ned discovers Lyanna, dying in the Tower of Joy.

2016-05-13 (2)

Somewhere offshore…

Sam Tarly’s emptying his guts as Gilly natters on about the sea. She protests his plan to pack her off to Horn Hill, but ultimately embraces the decision.

Not exactly riveting, mostly recap. Sam’s still off to become a kick-ass master (sometime… eventually…), Gilly’s still just there and baby’s still… baby-ing? The Citadel won’t allow girls (eww, cooties) and Oldtown’s kinda dodgy, so Sam’s sending the fam to his violent, unbalanced daddy. 10/10 parenting.

Prediction: I doubt Randyll “Hunt-my-son-like-a-hog” Tarly was cast this season to win Grandad of the Year. This won’t end well for Gilly and the baby…

In the Far East

Danaerys’ faces greater trouble amongst The Real Housewives of Vaes Dothrak, as her fate is left to the council of widows. Back in Mereen, Tyrion experiences the last 2 seasons of dialogue from every side character in Danaerys’ storyline. The episode paid homage to Danaerys’ many titles and the underlying monotony of hearing them throughout past seasons, while her power is stripped (literally) and she is left to find her own escape.

Prediction: Varys will give Tyrion the tools to rule. Danny will earn the support of the Dothrak to wage war on her conspirators. Drogon will return.

This guy has some Aces up his sleeve.
This guy has some Aces up his sleeve.

King’s Landing

The episode, appropriately titled as “Oathbreaker”, also showed a glimpse into the betrayal behind one of Varys’ “little birds”. Meanwhile in King’s Landing: Tommen’s role as king continues to unravel, while many question his ability to handle conflict with the High Sparrow. Cersei and Jamie demand further eyes amongst the public as they prepare to take back their royalty from the High Sparrow.

Prediction: There may be several battles in the future of this season at King’s Landing as tensions continue to rise underneath the surface.

In Bravos

A girl becomes ‘no-one’ during an epic Rocky-esque montage.

Arya revisits her list, and answers her most personal questions to the Many-Faced God. She does, in fact, become Daredevil in an amazing series of editing – some of the show’s best yet. Arya is finally beginning to develop into the power she has been developing into after six seasons of being beaten around, figuratively and literally. But were the lessons she learned in this episode a little too easy? It’s a montage, let’s just assume the hardship and life lessons were omitted.

Prediction: All signs point to Arya’s eventual demise. However, her detachment from the rest of the GOT universe suggests something big is going to happen before she kicks the bucket.

A girl is bad-ass.
A girl is bad-ass.

Next Week: Book of the Stranger

Tyrion strikes a deal. Jorah and Daario undertake a difficult task. Jaime and Cersei try to improve their situation.

There’s a bit of shit going down next week and the theme looks like confrontation. In the trailer, we see The Tripod of Sansa, Brienne and Podrick reach Castle Black… just as Jon is leaving. Ooohhhhhhh! Theon returns to the power vacuum that is Iron Islands. Littlefinger finally shows his conniving face. The Lannisters seem to align with the Tyrells to take on the Sparrows, with Cersei out for vengeance and the Tyrell’s destined to regain the imprisoned sinner Margery.

Also, has anyone considered that Jorah and Daario decide to shift their attention to Drogon?! That would be a difficult task to say the least!

Bran was missing which suggests to me that they will drag out his story as to not reveal anything major about R+L=J until much later. Sigh. And so was Jon. Given Jon Snow has snagged the beginning and ending scene of each ep so far, they may be omitting him because they have gone through too much of his story. But do not do that. We want more Jon.

The Wrap-Up

Best On Ground: Arya
A girl was full of depth this episode; reminiscing her kill-list, fighting blind and finally becoming “No-one”.

Spud(s) of the Week: Gilly
I get that she gives Sam character development, but “see sounds like the sea”? Seriously?!

In Memoriam: Gerold Hightower, Arthur Dayne, Oswell Whent, Ser Alliser Thorne, Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, Olly & Shaggydog?

Written by Timothy Neville, Sam Corcrane, Gazain Zia and Connor Johnston


God, we love this show.
God, we love this show.




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