About Radio Monash

Radio Monash is the student radio station of Monash University in Melbourne, representing over 50,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students who study at Australia’s largest University.

Broadcasting under various names and in various formats since 1965, Radio Monash currently broadcasts online via webstream, giving the diverse student population a global voice. Radio Monash offers an eclectic mix of programming – from academic and student interest programs, local and global news and current affairs, to programs highlighting the latest in music both in Australia and abroad, complete with music news, reviews, interviews and live music.  Radio Monash offers students the training and the opportunity to produce a radio program that truly reflects their passion, creating unique listening completely unlike the usual ultra-repetitive radio experience, while at the same time helping foster the Monash University student community.

As well as being a fully-equipped internet radio station, Radio Monash also gives the student community access to a wide range of opportunities and benefits. The station’s music department offers members a chance to review and interview local and international acts, with the opportunity for their music journalism to appear on-air and online. Broadcast news bulletins give students with an interest in journalism an opportunity to gain writing and broadcast presentation experience. There are also opportunities for musicians; Radio Monash has a recording studio and rehearsal space available to rent at a price affordable to students, and the station also offers training for aspiring DJs, with Radio Monash DJs in regular demand.

Radio Monash has long been a part of the social fabric at Monash University. For many years, Radio Monash events have showcased some of the best up-and-coming local bands in some of Melbourne’s most-loved venues, and the station offices include a small lounge which acts as a welcoming meeting space for all students, leading to some of the best social opportunities available to Monash University students. Radio Monash ultimately combines student life at Monash University with a passion for music, media and broadcasting.