The radio station began life in 1965 as a pirate radio station named Draft Resistance Radio (callsign 3DR); formed and named in opposition to the practice of conscripting soldiers into fighting the Vietnam War, and helping foster an important part of the strong atmosphere of student activism witnessed at Monash University during the 1960s and 70s.

The cessation of Australian military involvement in Vietnam inspired a change of purpose for the station. In 1972 the station changed its name to Monash University Radio (3MU) and officially became a club recognised by the University’s student union. Moving away from illegal pirate broadcasting, for many years the station only “broadcast” from a PA system located on the Clayton campus. The station staff was largely comprised of journalism students, and for a period of time, work experience at the station could be counted as credit towards a journalism degree.

The 1980s saw the station return to on-air transmission, firstly with a low-power AM broadcast licence, then with the Australian Government finally granting the station a temporary licence to broadcast on the 95.7FM frequency in 1989, marking culmination of years of efforts made to broadcast to the entire Melbourne area.

As a voice representing Monash University in the Melbourne public, the station enjoyed many successes in the 1990s, however by the turn of the century the station faced a significant threat to its continuing existence, with the Howard Government moving towards the abolition of temporary broadcasting licences.  This lead the station, as well as many other small and aspirant community radio stations, into a difficult battle for legitimacy and survival in the chase for a permanent licence. Monash University became Monash Radio (3MR) in an attempt to encompass the surrounding community of the City of Monash, but sadly for the student community, the permanent licence for the local area was granted to a rival radio station in 2001.

Heartbroken but not beaten, the organisation quickly reformed as DIY Student Radio, and became the first student radio station in Australia to broadcast via the Internet; first through the student portal, then globally with the kind assistance of the Monash Arts Faculty. The station was finally renamed Radio Monash in 2006, and to this day continues to be an important part of student life and the student community at Monash University.

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