On Tuesday the 18th of October 2016, Radio Monash held its Annual General Meeting for 2016. The evening saw a number of amendments made to the stations constitution and of course the nominating and electing of the 2017 Committee. The results are as follows:

President: Aleks Djukic
Vice President: Luka Janicijevic
Secretary: Yusuf Aly
Treasurer: Donald Shackleton
Production: Luka Janicijevic
Live Music: Paris Balla
Tech Directors: Liam Hope & Michael van Doolan
Programming: Oisin Collins & Yusuf Aly
Culture Journalism: Bella Scalia & Paul Waxman
News: Avanti Oberoi
Marketing: Connor Johnston
Events: Elias Valbe & Anthony Crabb
Community: Peggie Sakwa & Shelbui Inglis
Web Director: Nathan Ahmed
General Members: Sahana Kashyap & Jarred Paola