I’d like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of Radio Monash’s news team to the new face of News Live – Brana Godic!

Brana is a fourth year Arts/Science student with a fondness for all things Hufflepuff, who’ll be taking over as the official new host of our weekly two-hour news extravaganza, News Live. You’ll be able to enjoy zany new guest speakers, interesting new topics, and a distinctly less adversarial news show that I can absolutely guarantee will be interesting, delightful, witty and fascinating!

Make sure to listen in every Wednesday between 6pm and 8pm, or look out for our podcasts on the Radio Monash MixCloud page.

I can personally vouch for our new host: It’s gonna be a hectic year. It’s gonna be yuge. It’s gonna be the best of the best.

So congratulations Brana! For reference, you can catch her debut show on this year’s first News Live episode embedded below.

Ciao for now,

Your friendly news director,

Avanti Oberoi

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