Radio Monash are thrilled to announce that it will be sending four presenters to attend the 2016 Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards in Sydney next week. Covering the event live from the Red Carpet on Wednesday the 7th of December, our presenters will be face to face with some of the most iconic and celebrated personalities of the Australian Film and TV Industry. Radio Monash is the first community owned and student-run media organisation to be invited to the event in the history of awards, which is an achievement we are both incredibly humbled and excited by.

About our Presenters: 

Shelbui Inglis joined Radio Monash in Semester 2 this year, and has since made quite a prolific name for herself among the wider Radio Monash Community. As Co-Host of “Monash Mornings”, Shelbui consistently placed on the weekly International MixCloud Comedy Charts with each and everyone of her shows for the semester – an achievement held by no other presenter in Radio Monash. In November, Shelbui was elected to the Radio Monash Committee, filling the role of Community Officer alongside Peggie Sakwa in 2017.

Anthony Crabb also joined Radio Monash earlier this semester and has made a similarly strong impression amongst his peers. His show “Extra B Radio” has earned significant acclaim both within the Radio Monash community and on the International MixCloud charts, ranking highly with almost every show. Anthony has also attracted quite a bit of a reputation for attracting some of the biggest names for the station to interview this year; including Andy Lee, Swindail and Basenji. In November, Anthony was elected to the Radio Monash Committee, filling the role of Events Coordinator in 2017.

Connor Johnston has had quite an eventful first year at Radio Monash as the host of “Deja Moo” and “Monash Mornings” – which both performed incredibly well both amongst local audiences and internationally on the MixCloud charts for Comedy, Student Radio and Community Radio. With “Deja Moo”, Connor secured the most interviews for any show throughout the year – with featured guests including 2016 Logie Hall of Fame Inductee Noni Hazlehurst, CEO of “Are You OK Day” Bredan Maher, CEO of “End Rape on Campus Australia” Sharna Bremner, a number of local and professional theatre directors and 9 different Australian Federal Politicians for Deja Moo’s Election Special. In November, Connor co-hosted Radio Monash’s 5 hour long USA Election Special alongside Vivek Thilkan, Avanti Oberoi, Sayu Umeda and Donald Shackleton. After taking on the role of interim Co-Director of Programming in Semester 2 this year, Connor was officially elected to the Committee to take over as Director of Marketing for 2017.

Another one of our incredible 2016 recruits, Paul Waxman is the final member of the team travelling to Sydney next week. Paul was single-handedly responsible for one of the most praised and listened to music-based show of the year: “From Start to Finish” which performed consistently well throughout 2016. Aside from his succsesses on air, Paul has also proved himself to be quite a fine writer and reviewer with a number of articles being published on the RadMon website throughout the year. It was this natural talent that led to him being elected to the Radio Monash Committee, looking after the department of Cultural Journalism alongside Bella Scalia for 2017

About the Awards:

The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards are a continuum of the AFI Awards, which have honoured screen excellence in Australia since 1958. The AACTA Awards recognise film, television and documentary screen craft excellence – including screenwriting, producing and acting, through to cinematography, composition and costume design – across more than 45 Awards each year. As Australia’s highest film and television Awards, the AACTA Awards are Australia’s equivalent of the Oscars and the BAFTAs and are held annually in Sydney in recognition and celebration of Australia’s highest achievements in film and television, as judged by the industry itself.

You can keep up with the team’s journey through our website, Facebook page and by adding us on Snapchat with the username: radiomonash