Author: Brana Godic


SCIENCE NEWS: John Oliver Tackles Vaccines

Since 2014, Last Week Tonight (hosted by John Oliver) has been enlightening those of us who are, shall we say – ‘less knowledgeable’ on complex issues ranging from US politics to marketing in a simple manner, and somehow still leaving the viewer as able to laugh at the absurdity of the world as it stands. One of the latest subjects to receive the ‘John Oliver treatment’ is vaccines. As the topic of vaccines comes up, however, there are the inevitable responses that are elicited from those that work in the scientific field that may range from ‘why are we still talking about this?’ to ‘vaccines are necessary’. While I believe the latter to be true, the Last Week Tonight analysis primarily focuses on the concerns of those who are less inclined to believe this, namely anxious parents, and goes on to explain the statement as to why ‘they are simply necessary’. Read more …