Author: Connor Johnston


HEAD TO HEAD REVIEW: Suicide Squad (P1 – Connor’s Verdict)

Over the course of two feature length reviews, Connor Johnston and Mike Riviere will be going head to head and sharing their own views on one of the most anticipated and divisive films of 2016: Suicide Squad

“The world changed when Superman flew across the sky. And it changed again when he didn’t.”

For the second time this year and the third time since 2013’s “Man of Steel”, Warner Brothers and DC Films have released an eagerly anticipated film – only to have it met with an outburst of mixed and negative reviews from critics labelling it as anything from ‘the best comic book movie ever made’ to (more popularly) ‘a chaotic, messy and bloated disappointment’. It is unclear if the DCEU will ever escape this perpetual cycle of poor press, but what is clear is that if its opening weekend is anything to go by, “Suicide Squad” has found victory where it counts, both financially and in the eyes of the vast majority of everyday movie-goers and comic book fans. I’m not going to engage in any debates today about the value of critics, nor speculate about a supposed conspiracy against the DCEU – but simply emphasise the importance of forming your own opinion free from pre-conceived biases, and stress how critics are only individuals trying to do the same. Read more …


PODCAST: Monash Mornings #2 – “Hump Day”

Hosted by Connor Johnston and Shelbui Inglis

Connor and Shelbui return to help get you through your hump day. We celebrate the launch of the Bachelor with the first edition of “Shelbui’s cyberchase, discuss the awkwardness of the enema operations as well as get gobsmacked from all ends of the ‘Size’ and ‘Shaving’ debates. All that and more in our #HumpDay special of Monash Mornings.

Start your week with 2 loose cannons and be a better version of you. Join Connor and Shelby every Monday at 9AM, half asleep and totally disoriented – tackling the worlds problems through the filters of innuendo and hardcore comedic gold. Featuring music designed to get you started for the long week ahead and some random tunes that might make you wish you never woke up. From sex dolphins to litterbugs, horoscopes to inside jokes: It doesn’t get much rowdy than this.

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Radio Monash [Autosaved]

PODCAST: Monash Mornings #1 – “Wake Me Up Inside”

Hosted by Connor Johnston and Shelbui Inglis

It’s the start of a new semester and Connor and Shelbui have barely woken up. Join them in this, the first edition of “Monash Mornings” talking all things regarding their Eastlink Journey, Embarrassing Workplace Stories, Frighteningly Effective Advertisements and our Weekly horoscope. All that and more on Monash Mornings, Show #1. Read more …


PODCAST: Deja Moo #18 – “Fictional?”

Hosted by: Connor Johnston, Paris Balla and Yusuf Aly

18Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? This week on Deja Moo the team tackle the Fictional Sport turned Real-Life World Championships of Quidditch and the Republican Convention that we wish was nothing more than Fictional. It’s also one of the biggest weeks for nerds all year with SDCC seeing the release of no less than a million trailers: we make our way through them all!

Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy.

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RadMon Exclusive Interview: Sharna Bremner

This week on Deja Moo; Connor, Paris and Yusuf were joined by Sharna Bremner of End Rape on Campus Australia. End Rape on Campus (EROC) Australia launches officially this week, and works to end sexual violence at universities and residential colleges through direct support for survivors and their communities; prevention through education; and policy reform at the campus, state, and federal levels.

See more at 

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Deja Moo 17 Feature

PODCAST: Deja Moo #17 – “Who You Gonna Call”

blshOn this week’s Deja Moo the team turn their focus to one of the most anticipated yet equally dreaded films of the year: Ghostbusters; as the team explore the initial and subsequent responses to the all female reboot as well as offering their own opinions in yet another #DejaMooReview. The team is also joined by guest host Hugh Murray to discuss “Humon” – a new initiative that seeks to give voice to the individuals of Monash University. Finally this weeks show also features an exclusive interview with Sharna Bremner of “End Rape on Campus Australia” that launches officially this week to discuss the toxic culture that surrounds sexual assault in Australian Universities and beyond. Featuring Music from Fall Out Boy, Missy Elliot, Pentatonix, Walk the Moon and Ray Parker Jr.

Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy. Read more …

Ret Blue

Notice: A Compulsory Meeting for Returning Presenters

***Please be aware this notice is only for Semester One Presenters hoping to return to the station in Semester Two — New Presenter Applications will open later in the week**

This is the event for the Compulsory Meeting/Training Session for ALL PRESENTERS HOPING TO RETURN FOR SEMESTER on Friday the 22nd of July at 12:00pm. It is extremely crucial that any presenters hoping to return for the new semester attend.

With Semester 2 fast approaching, we are now offering all Semester One presenters the opportunity to express interest in our new timetable, before show applications open to new presenters next week. Read more …

Show 16 Podcast

PODCAST: Deja Moo #16 – “Throwback People”

16This week on Deja Moo the team struggle to avoid the dark depths of the Pokemon Go! plague currently sweeping the world by partaking in a live Monash Uni Hunt, as well as reflect on the slightly inconsistent outcome of the 2016 Australian Election. The Moo Croo also explore the incredibly divisive Vanity Fair interview with Margot Robbie, taking to using Rich Cohen’s erotica-esque tone to describe the RadMon studio, as well as share some horror stories from their own personal weeks. Featuring Music from Pauline Pantsdown, The Zutons, Wheatus and Stiff Dylans

Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy. Read more …