Author: Corey Marshall


Blink-182 are back, but not like you know them

And it’s a long way back from seventeen…”

Seventeen years ago, Blink-182 released what some say to be the most iconic Pop-Punk record of the last 20 years, ‘Enema of the State’. The album notoriously became linked to the adolescence of Generation Y, communicating the feelings of angst and hopelessness of teenagers all over the world. Selling over 15 million records, this album caused the explosion of the three piece on to the mainstream music scene. The band at the time consisted of front-men Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus, with newly crowned drummer Travis Barker.

Since then they have sold 35 million records world-wide, released multiple award winning singles and arguably reinvented music videos with their own unique brand of satirical performing.

Blink-182 have also broken up twice. Most recently, the band split in January 2015 due to tension between Delonge and the other two members. As a result, Hoppus and Barker soon replaced Delonge with Matt Skiba, the vocalist and guitarist from Alkaline Trio.

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Gang of Youths – 170 Russell, Melbourne (20.04.2016)


From the beginning, they had us hooked.

Front man David Le’aupepe had the crowd from the first “shake of his ass”. His innate ability to make the crowd believe every word that he sang drew you in from the first second. Gang of Youths has always had a unique sound that focused heavily on its lyrical prowess. Yet, the band’s intimate performance expanded this connection with listeners even further.

The release of their debut album ‘The Positions’, which graced fans just over two years ago, was, lyrically, based on the life of Le’aupepe. The record examines the struggles of his wife’s battle with cancer, furthermore details their eventual separation. His hurt and his passion, his love and his fight come through the music the band produces. The front man’s ability to draw on his experiences and communicate them so well within his performance allowed him to make everyone in the room not only believe every word he spoke, but to also relate to it. The band’s ability to connect with its audience is extraordinary – from the beginning they had us all hooked. Read more …

To Entertain or to Educate? Keeping up with the thrills and spills of 24 hour news.

We, the audience, are at fault for the current climate of Journalism due to our constant craving to be entertained, rather than informed.

The biggest story of this week broke on Thursday, when Kim Kardashian decided she would flash her chest to Instagram (again). She posed, next to her famous friend Emily Ratajkowski, topless, and captioned the photo #liberated. This ‘liberating’ news has been the focal point for discussion ever since.

Emily Ratajkowski (left) and Kim Kardashian forget their t-shirts. Photo: Instagram

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Violent Soho, purposely or not, are blurring the line between grunge and pop music.


‘Waco’, the fourth album release by the infamous four-piece from Mansfield, further solidifies Violent Soho’s rise from genre-less misfits to garage rock sensation. Following the successful release of Hungry Ghost in July 2013, Violent Soho have responded in such a way that proves their former success was no fluke. The release of their new record has been well received by listeners, debuting at #1 on the ARIA Album charts after release on March 18. Read more …