Author: George Kopelis


Train to Busan: No Ordinary Zombie Movie

An estranged father and daughter find themselves caught in the midst of a zombie outbreak on a high speed train in South Korean horror film Train to Busan.

Recently divorced Seok-woo (Gong Yoo) is taking his daughter Su-an (Kim Su-an) from Seoul to his ex-wife’s house in Busan. At the same time, a zombie virus spreads rapidly across the country and Seok-woo must keep his daughter safe from the zombified passengers on board until they reach Busan, supposedly the last city standing. Read more …


The Kettering Incident: Australian Television at its Finest

Take two mysterious disappearances fifteen years apart and place them in the primeval Tasmanian forest. The result is The Kettering Incident, a brooding thriller set in the small fishing village of Kettering, an hour out of Hobart. Lovers of Twin Peaks and The X-Files will be instant fans of this genre-bending series, the first full television series produced entirely in Tasmania.

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Are Streaming Services Doing Anything for Australian Television?

Last Thursday saw the release of the highly anticipated television continuation of Australian horror movie Wolf Creek on on-demand subscription service Stan.

Wolf Creek is Stan’s second original series, following 2015’s improvisation comedy No Activity, which the Sydney Morning Herald praised as the “Seinfeld of cop shows” for essentially being a show about nothing and everything at the same time. However, Wolf Creek is a far more polished production than anything else emerging out of an Australian subscription video platform. Read more …

The Portokalos family prepare for another wedding


Stand-alone movies that suddenly sprout sequels years down the track tend not to meet the heights of the original. 2002’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a rom-com on a $5 million budget, using Greek cultural in-jokes and stereotypes to amass a staggering US$368 million on the global box office.

Was a sequel really that necessary? There’s a compelling argument for no. The original was the perfect balance of entertainment and drama, and had a self-contained storyline. And yet why not? The types of jokes the original film was full of remain funny and there’s plenty of Greek family material to draw from. Read more …

The Footy is No Place For Protests

Going to the MCG for a game of AFL isn’t meant to be a political experience. It’s a form of escapism for spectators after a busy week in the real world. But Friday night’s Collingwood vs Richmond game became the setting for a demonstration which quickly found itself out of place.

Members of the far-right nationalist United Patriots Front (UPF) erected a banner reading “Go Pies!”, followed by “Stop the Mosques” underneath one of the video screens in the midst of a group of Collingwood supporters. Read more …