Author: Hugh Murray


Online Employment: A Web of Problems

As a Uni student, I am poor. Though the year began with an acceptable amount of cash in my pocket, currently my account is on the verge of bankruptcy. Nevertheless, I persevered and followed the idea is gaining employment. Searching for a job, it seems, is now interactive. Sites like Job in a Click, Indeed, Jobspot and LinkedIn attempt to aid in job finding online. Companies like Sheridan and Myer only accept applications and resumes online; almost every major company seems to be online now. But still, I had, and still do have, trouble gaining employment.

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Approaching Alcohol

Alcohol is a substance that, if consumed in varied levels, can have effects consequences in four areas of our lives:

The first is the disorientation of perceptions. Visually we are impaired; our reception and interpretation of the world around us becomes hazy; the level of sound we receive is frequently magnified or dulled; our pain is reduced; we no longer smell as well as we did; our taste is weakened: the Maccas isn’t as salty or sugary as we wanted it to be. The rest of the areas resound around our interpretation of time, our body movements as well as our emotions are exploited, inhibited or maintained. Read more …


Humon #5 – 29th July 2016

The Lives of Humans at Monash… Curated by Hugh Murray //

Since coming here, a lot of people have asked me about the election. It’s all Trump this and Trump that. Everyone I’ve met has asked me about Trump. It’s as though I’ve become stereotyped in advance as an American. People think we’re rebellious and radical, as though we don’t have respect for authority. Even professors call me out as an American; in my business law lecture, they know me as ‘America’. You just have to take it as it is. Read more …


Humon #4 – July 15th 2016

The Lives of Humans at Monash…. Curated by Hugh Murray

I love J Cole. I know this interview was meant to be about the difference between Fiji and Australia but J Cole is bae. You know how rap talks about sex and drugs. Now that I think about it, J Cole’s songs are about sex. I was going to say that J Cole’s isn’t like that but I guess he is. But not about the drug life. I think I like him because of his vibe. He’s not society’s ideal of conventional beauty, but he’s still cute. Something you can wave your hand up in the air for: I call it the 90 degree right-angle right arm basketball tap. It’s something I can listen to when it’s 3am, my best friend’s door is locked and I can’t sleep.

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The Halal Hype

The Halal; some label a useful tool for followers of the Muslim faith whilst others raise concerns that it is an extension of Islamic law that can not be engrained within Australian society.

The Halal certification has been associated to wide range of anti-Islamic protests, the most recent being the disturbance at the Melbourne Showgrounds on the 3rd of April, to which a protestor was struck in the temple with a PVC pipe, with the title “Rapefugees” splayed across his T-shirt. The social networking site, Facebook, is also known to maintain remonstrative pages as “Boycott Halal in Australia” and “Halal Choices”, seeking to reduce and dismantle the framework of Halal certification on foods. Read more …

Coral Reef a Rising Concern

Minister of Environment’s concerns spark reminders of broken policies of the 2050 plan for the Great Barrier Reef

After surveying the northern isles of the Great Barrier Reef, Federal Minister of Environments, Greg Hunt, described one of the worst cases of bleaching since the year 2000. When overseeing the reefs of Lizard Island, Hunt acknowledged as you go north of the tropical mass, “it becomes more severe.”

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