Author: Jamie Kaiser


PODCAST: Episode 7 – Tess a Fi

This episode Tess Guthrie joined me in the studio. We discover I first heard of Tess many many years ago when my Mum taught her as a substitute teacher when she was in Primary school. We discuss a short period of time going to the same high school and when we performed together in house music. Despite all this we only actually got to know each other this year studying mathematics. We explore Tess’s change from a music lover to a number and philosopher lover. We also talk about our experiences of anxiety and Tess explains how her experience reached a peak during a study trip to China. We discuss Eastern philosophy and how it can help with anxiety issues. Read more …


Episode 5 – Sack it to me baby

This episode Jamie was joined by his current boss and Student Experience Coordinator at Monash Abroad Ryland Sack. Ryland Sack currently studies a double degree majoring in zoology and music. We explore Ryland’s early success in music winning talent contests by impersonating Tim Minchin and writing protest songs to stop his Dad from burning a Mallee Root. We also discuss Ryland’s love of science which was inspired by David Attenborough, a man who he missed having a chance encounter with due to not wanting to go into work early. Other features include Ryland’s impeccable employment record and we answer a few questions from exchange students. For those playing at home the book discussed early on is Uncle John’s Bathroom reader. Read more …


PODCAST: Episode 4 – In the Nick of time

This week’s episode wasn’t all fun and games as my new business partner, Nick Pederson, came into the studio to make business decisions. Nick and I teamed up to disrupt the huge industry of University Shuttle Bus Timetabling and Nick was so impressed with me during the interview he promised me 100% of profits from our new lucrative app.  When not making big corporate decisions Nick and Jamie discussed their shared love of comedy podcasts. We also explored how Nick’s employment with a not-for-profit company made him revaluate his university studies and career goals. Nick also explains how his parents were accepting of his desires to get into the start-up industry thanks to their past business of squash court ownership. Lastly Nick, a self-confessed modern-pentathlon expert, and I try to come up with an even better and more varied sport for the Olympics.

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PODCAST: Episode 3 – Wax on Waxman

This week I was joined in the studio by Paul Waxman. Luckily when we sat down in the studio we got off on a better foot then the first time I met him the week before when I was grump. Paul hosts the show before me on Radio Monash. Paul, I learnt, despite initially having little interest in English became very passionate in his final year of high school thanks to the impact of a tutor. His interest led him to start a Bachelor of Journalism and Arts majoring in Film and Television studies. Outside of his studies Paul has a serious addiction to vinyl forking over a small fortune for a pretty serious collection. If you enjoyed my interview with Paul, have a listen to his show “From Start to Finish” every Friday at 3pm.

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PODCAST: Episode 2 – What a Mads

This week we were lucky enough to have Mads in the studio. Mads is a Danish exchange student from the Denmark Technical University (DTU). At 6 foot 7 inches Mads is the ultimate Ultimate Frisbee player. We start the show talking a little about the game, which is growing in popularity all across the world and which Mads himself has played all across the world. We also talk about Mads’ around the world trip which started with hitchhiking through Europe before going to Africa, South America, the US and Canada. We also discuss the experience of growing in a rural area of Denmark as well as living Copenhagen for his studies. Read more …


Episode 1: Long Time No See

Welcome to Season 2 of K & S Interviews! For the first episode I was incredibly excited to have Kevin Long in the studio. Kevin is an ex-co-host of mine on the Muck Up. Kevin has just returned from his first semester of a yearlong exchange to Tours, France. We talk about what it’s been like so far, his experiences of racism in France compared to Australia. I was also very excited to get his feeling on how the recent terrorist attacks have influenced life in France. Kevin’s keen interest in combat sports also shown through as he gave us quick break down of his self-defence game plan. Last but not least we touched on one of my favourite discussion topics, his Dad’s amazing journey from war torn Vietnam to Australia via China. Hopefully if he comes on again we’ll have time to hear about his Mum’s equally amazing journey. Any comments, feedback get in touch via an email to Read more …