Author: Sayu Umeda


REVIEW: Red Dog True Blue

When thinking of Australian movies, works such as The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The Castle and Australia would all be appropriate examples. From my perspective as a non-Australian reviewer, these films have included a certain sincerity compared to their Hollywood counterparts being more artistic, culturally relevant and at times even educational. Read more …


What Would Happen to Foreigners in a Non-English Country in Case of Emergency?

Regardless of what languages are spoken, people live various overseas places in the world to work, to study, and to travel. It is often the case that these people would be out of reach from crucial information when emergencies occur, such as earthquakes.

Japan is no exception. According to the statistical data of the Ministry of Justice, there are more than 2.5 million foreign expats living in Japan, the number of whom has been slightly increasing every year. Furthermore, the number of tourists visiting Japan has been increasing drastically for a few years. When an earthquake – or any emergency for that matter – happens, what would be the major outlet for them to reach the necessary information? Read more …


UQiYO ‘Ship’s’ feat. Chitose: Infusion of Borderless Sound

Do you really pay attention to words in lyrics when you listen to music? I don’t, unless it’s sung in clear articulation, I don’t really care what’s in the lyrics. It’s partly because I believe that music can be ingrained into your mind as it sounds. Music trio, UQiYO’s ‘Ship’s’ is a song which has been instantly ingrained into my mind without even realizing. Since ‘Ship’s’ has fragments of various musical genres from pop and folk to jazz, it has successfully created genre-less sounds which is even reinforced by Chitose Hajime’s soulful vocals. Read more …


Sacchaso JP-SNS-Dancer:Dancing is what I like, so I share it with everyone

Have you ever heard of Odottemita (I’ve just danced) category on YouTube or Nico Nico Douga ? YouTube has become a place that everybody can showcase their skills. Odottemita dancers are not the exception. They mostly share their videos on Nico Nico Douga, one of the Japanese video sharing sites where people upload and comment on the video. Unlike other video sharing sites, viewers can comment simultaneously while watching a video. Sacchaso started uploading her dancing videos about five years ago, and since then has gone from performing in her bedroom and around her neighborhood to performing at various events around the nation. Here, she is sharing her experience as an Odottemita dancer and telling the story of how she went from bedroom dancer to convention queen. Read more …


ONE OK ROCK ‘Mighty Long Fall’ – Sing Your Soul Out


“Oh no it’s a wake up call. When your life went into shock.”- When energetic vocals hit you with emotional lyrics, it will instantly give you an uplifting feeling.

‘Mighty Long Fall’ was first released on the 30th of July in 2014, it was later comprised into their seventh album ‘35xxxv’ released the following year. The song is also featured as the ending song for the live action film ‘Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno’ in 2014. This has made their band known to those who are not particularly keen or know about Japanese Rock. Their career was not always such an easy ride. Their road to fame has been hard, and they have come a long way. They started by going to local concert halls and playing gigs throughout Japan before they made it to the most popular concert venue in Japan, Nippon Budokan in 2010 as well as other major festivals such as SUMMER SONIC and ROCK IN JAPAN. Today, they tour worldwide as Takahiro Moriuchi (Taka), the vocalist of the band, initially promised to other members that they would play their music all over the world. Read more …

Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko’s “Spotless Mind” the happier side of breakups


Jhene Aiko, born in Los Angeles, California is an American singer and song writer. She started her music career in contributing vocals and made several appearances in music videos of the R&B group B2K. Since then she has been working with various artists such as J. Cole, R.Kelly and Chris Brown to name a few, with her latest collaborative album with Big Sean named “Twenty 88” released just a week ago. Read more …


New Hokkaido Bullet Train Debut Sour Struggling with Fewer Users


On the 26th of March, Saturday, the shinkansen, or a bullet train which directly links to Honshu main island and Hokkaido opened in Japan. It stretches 148.8km which is from Aomori, the north most prefecture on the main island and Hakodate, which is the southern city in Hokkaido. The opening of this new line enables people travel directly from Tokyo to Hakodate without taking a transit on their way.  In addition, its speed which is designed to run 320km/h by the fastest speed will take passengers from Tokyo to Hakodate in four hours, and the fare is about 230 AUD (converted from JP yen to AUD). Read more …

fraud revealed

Japanese TV Personality Revealed as Fraud

Shinichiro Kawakami, or mostly better known as his stage name Sean K, or Sean McArdle Kawakami, has been a popular TV and radio commentator in Japan. For example, he hosted the new-oriented radio show “MAKE IT 21” for 15 years. He has been also recognised as a business consultant who runs the consulting firm, Bradstone Management Initiative Limited in America. He has also written several printed publications about business and management, such as “5 essentials for the professional: how to make your business succeed (Japanese title translated into English by the writer), for instance.

His attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University, followed by an MBA, Master of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and some study experience at l’Université de Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne in France makes academic portion of his CV appear impeccable. But to the shock of many, this incredible academic history was unveiled as a big fat lie, as reported by “Shukan Bunshun”, one of Japan’s major weekly tabloid magazines, which then went viral on the internet. Read more …


Seasonal Change: Japan’s Sakura Forecast set

Japan, experiencing rather warm winter, seems to have a welcoming season of nationally beloved flowers. Spring is almost there with the bloom of sakura, or cherry blossom.

Have you ever heard of a sakura zensen, or cherry blossom front? The expected date of the bloom of sakura from mid-Feburuary to April is reported thorough Japan via various outlets such as internet website, the TV weather forecasts and the listings of the best sakura viewing venues feautured on magazines and local papers.

Read more …