Following the close of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the largest comedy festival in Australia, new comedians are already beginning to prepare for next year’s edition of the world’s third-largest comedy festival. Whilst traditionally the stand up comedy clubs of the cities serve as the bastion of comic collaboration, a new app that has hit stores is looking to bring the comedy club atmosphere to your local area.

The app is being hailed as the ‘Tinder for Comedians’, and much like its ancestor, allows fresh-faced comics to browse through the profiles of other funny-bunnies around them who are looking to collaborate on specific comedic projects. Rated 4.638 stars by Overly Specific Star Rating Magazine, the app from AppyChappy studios is entitled “Grin-dr”, and has just been released from beta, with users being encouraged to hunt for the comic companion of their fantasies and even meet with others in large groups for brainstorming activities where comics pitch ideas at each other in a section called “Swingers”, named after the back and forth discussion of brainstorming.

Unfortunately, the app’s name has caused much confusion, as it bears resemblance to the popular gay male dating app, “Grindr”. RadMon tracked down a former user, John Johnson, who fell into unexpected circumstances when he began using the app. “Well, about 15 minutes into looking through profiles, I matched with a guy called Clark and he really seemed to like my comedic work! He was replying ‘lol’ to all my jokes and telling me I was really funny, and a while later he asked if I wanted to meet”, Johnson would then go on to present a notebook full of all his ideas for various comedic skits and one-liners. His counterpart, unamused by Johnson’s mediocre jokes, asked him to strip. “I thought it was part of an improv idea of his, so I went along with it”, recounted Johnson, “He hadn’t laughed at any of my quips up until then, but the moment I dropped my pants he started howling with laughter, tears streaming down his face. I think it was because a joke I told before, that clicked with him in that instant. At least…I hope it was.”

Waylon Dabeech, CEO of AppyChappy, published a statement upon the app’s launch in a push to drum up hype around the app: “I have complete and utter confidence that we may or may not find the next Barry award winner amongst the userbase of this app. I encourage you all to use this app to pick up new partners for collaborations, and who knows, you could end up just like the best of them. Soon, you could be spending many nights bent over a table, putting your goods on display, and boosting your careers to come from behind and beat off the competition.”