From Wicked to Mary Poppins, she’s been behind some of the most iconic and vocally demanding roles in Melbourne’s amateur theatre scene; but this week Britni Leslie is offering audiences a new character that is just as entertaining and spirited as those she’s played before: Herself.

Leslie’s latest outing, From Bourbon St to Broadway, tells the “very true tale” of Leslie’s personal journey from her front porch in Alabama to Australia, with a substantial pit-stop in New York City. Sourcing from her own experiences the cabaret is guided by the motifs of following your dreams, falling in love and rising above with every part-time job, internet dating profile and Disney movie encountered along the way.

981207_10152843341545462_628186436_oA relatively straightforward premise, it is Leslie’s vocal ability that truly is the driving force behind this showcase. Both her range and versatility is thoroughly impressive – performed with enough passion and energy to convince anyone in attendance they were in a venue that perhaps had triple the scale and grandeur. This is not to discredit the Butterfly Club in any sense however, which boasts an eccentric atmosphere that has ensured it remains the perfect backdrop for the city’s most creative and memorable performances.

Though the majority of the show remains light hearted and tonally consistent, this doesn’t restrict it from finding its moments of sincerity amongst the glitz and glamor of Leslie’s personality. It is a credit to both the selection of music and the performance that the show accurately captures the setbacks and hurdles many “dreamers” have to overcome, leaving the audience with a message of determination and success that spreads an infectious sense of belief.

Vivacious, animated and full of heart; From Bourbon St to Broadway is a pure delight. Concluding with a medley of “I’m the Greatest Star” and “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes”, it is Leslie’s unwavering confidence, talent and energy that will continue to charm and entertain audiences for the entirety of her season and beyond.

See From Bourbon St to Broadway at Melbourne’s “The Butterfly Club” until July 2nd. For tickets and more information, go to