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PODCAST: RadMon Reacts – 2016 American Election

Now available on Radio Monash; “RadMon Reacts: The 2016 US Election”

Join Vivek Thilkan​, Avanti Oberoi​, Connor Johnston​, Ruari Shackleton​ and Sayu Umeda​ in one of the most passionate, analytical and engaging political podcasts of the year featuring cutdowns of RadMon’s day long coverage of Donald Trump’s victory as it happened live – followed by a feature length roundtable discussion exploring the most contentious topics of the result.

Featured below is both a highlights reel from the show and of course the entire podcast.

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PODCAST: Monash Mornings #7 – M.I.L.F (Mornings I’d Like to Forget)

In Show #7 – Connor and Shelbui are joined for the first time by fellow RadMon presenter Peggie Sakwa on their journey to liven up your Monday Mornings. On the agenda today: ‘Are you your best self when drunk?’, a lively debate on Hickeys and in a cruel twist of fate we find out if Shelbui is pregnant by taking a test live on air….!

Hosted by Connor Johnston, Shelbui Inglis and Peggie Sakwa
For Radio Monash; Monday 3rd of October 2016

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PODCAST: Extra B Radio Interview: Basenji & Swindail

In an Extra B Radio first, we got to sit down to talk with Australian taste-makers and tune breakers Seb (Basenji) and Sid (swindail) for a quick chat about tour things, clothes things and music things during their stop at Monash for the Homework tour hosted by V Energy Drink Australia. Due to a technical error, we have unfortunately lost the interview with Swindail, which not only included cake tastings but also a surprise cameo from Wave Racer! Bummer! I’m kicking myself over it, but hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to interview them again as they continue to slay. Incredibly talented producers and lovely human beings.


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cool off zone

PODCAST: Cool Off Zone E06

Hosted by Helen and Lola


This Episode features songs that best describes personalities and individuals at different stages in Life. We had listeners who suggested that some of these songs actually speaks a lot about themselves at a point in their lives and some of the songs also summarises their personality traits.

Without getting to know our listeners personally, how easy is it for you to figure why a song was chosen.

Hint: it could be the lyrics or title.



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Ret Blue

Notice: A Compulsory Meeting for Returning Presenters

***Please be aware this notice is only for Semester One Presenters hoping to return to the station in Semester Two — New Presenter Applications will open later in the week**

This is the event for the Compulsory Meeting/Training Session for ALL PRESENTERS HOPING TO RETURN FOR SEMESTER on Friday the 22nd of July at 12:00pm. It is extremely crucial that any presenters hoping to return for the new semester attend.

With Semester 2 fast approaching, we are now offering all Semester One presenters the opportunity to express interest in our new timetable, before show applications open to new presenters next week. Read more …


Humon #4 – July 15th 2016

The Lives of Humans at Monash…. Curated by Hugh Murray

I love J Cole. I know this interview was meant to be about the difference between Fiji and Australia but J Cole is bae. You know how rap talks about sex and drugs. Now that I think about it, J Cole’s songs are about sex. I was going to say that J Cole’s isn’t like that but I guess he is. But not about the drug life. I think I like him because of his vibe. He’s not society’s ideal of conventional beauty, but he’s still cute. Something you can wave your hand up in the air for: I call it the 90 degree right-angle right arm basketball tap. It’s something I can listen to when it’s 3am, my best friend’s door is locked and I can’t sleep.

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REVIEW: PEP Productions’ “The Laramie Project”

“The Laramie Project” is a script I’ve read and studied many times before, but actually have never seen performed live on stage before. Constructed purely from interviews conducted by the the Tectonic Theatre Company with the locals of Laramie, the play details the life and death of Matthew Sheppard, who at the age of 21 fell victim to a vicious hate crime, tortured and murdered by local boys Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson on the outskirts of his home town. The play serves to translate to the audience the effect Sheppard’s murder had on the global debates regarding homophobia and hate crime legislation, as well as the impact it had on the small town in which it occurred, through the format of “Verbatim Theatre”. Due to both the abnormal nature of the play’s design as well as the confronting nature of its content, “The Laramie Project” remains one of the most difficult plays to perform and get right. However, due to an incredible amount of effort, talent and reverence, it is a play that PEP Productions absolutely nails. Read more …