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How many reboots do we really need?

After 130 years of film-making, has creativity plateaued?

Welcome to the world of remakes, reboots, spin-offs and unnecessary 30-years-later sequels. Recently, we have all noticed the sheer number of reboots being pumped out by Hollywood. Just in case you haven’t, let me present: Jurassic World, Zoolander 2, The Mummy, The Karate Kid, Man of Steel, Godzilla, Star Wars VII, The Jungle Book, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Mad Max: Fury Road, Creed, A Good Day to Die Hard, Vacation, The Amazing Spider-Man, Star Trek and Doctor Who. Read more …

The death of Genius Reg Grundy!

In a sad turn of events, the man behind the hit series Neighbours, Prisoner and The Young Doctors, has died at the age of 92. His name is Reg Grundy. As a background, Grundy had started his career by developing the radio adaptation of Wheel of Fortune, which then came to TV in 1959. After that, he then opened his own company known as the Grundy Organisation, which purchases game-show formats and then transformed them to fit the local Australian culture. His wife Joy, 68, is an actress and author who lived with him in Bermuda for more than three decades. According to his friend Alan Jones, who said on 2GB radio on Monday, “Reg Grundy has passed away in the arms of his beloved wife Joy, on their Bermuda estate.” What a tragedy it is to loose a talented and genius man who created a legacy of hit TV-series which will carry on through the shows such as Neighbours. He was an expert at selecting the best US game shows and converting them in to becoming successful and huge on Australian television. He introduced game shows such as Wheel of Fortune, and Perfect Match in Australia. Another show that he is very well known to have brought about on Australian television that attracted huge audiences was the show, Family Feud. What makes Grundy different to other TV producers is that he would pick shows that were doing OK and turn them into hits. Also, the CEO of FremantleMedia Australia, Ian Hogg said that Grundy was a national treasure and that as an icon he will be missed. In addition, the words of Nine Networks reporter Richard Wilkins, he described Grundy as a classy, elegant, and dignified man who had started as a host and then went onto becoming and absolute pioneer with his skills in developing ideas and creatively re-creating shows. The news that Grundy had passed away emerged on Monday, the morning after the annual Logie awards night had taken place. May his soul rest in peace. What can be done now is to keep hope that there will be more people in the industry that aspire to be like him and create shows as flamboyantly as he did.


Sunday penalty rates: without them what would the incentive be?

As an individual that works in the retail sector on a part-time basis, it is true that there is no real difference between working on a Saturday or a Sunday. If anything, it’s more beneficial compared to a Saturday, getting to work an hour less, and getting a lot less foot traffic since Sundays are perceived to be a family day. Yet these penalty rates have always existed, compensating people for providing their services outside of the usual 9 to 5, Monday to Friday frame of business hours. Would it really be in the economy’s best interests to remove such a benefit to employees? Read more …

Madonna still the Queen of music, or has time moved on?

As exciting as Madonna’s return to performing in Australia sounds, it is unexpectedly terrible to see the increase in ticket refunds. Madonna has decided to do her concerts in Australia after 25 years, which is quite big news. Although she has been facing trouble because of her lack of timing. An example includes the case in Adelaide, where half the people attending the concert had become furious to the fact that they were told she would be performing much later than expected, around 1:00 am instead of 8:30 am, and so one of the fellow attendee said “Madonna should have respected the fact that we have work tomorrow.” Therefore, the producers had told the furious crowd that if they wanted refunds they can do so, after which half of the audience asked for refunds. Numerous fans had titled her late timing as “rude” and this has caused a large impact on her credibility as a performer. Another mishap that had happened on stage was when she accidently revealed a girl’s breasts on stage and saying “She’s the kind of girl you just want to slap on the ass and pull”. What sort of message is Madonna trying to put out there? She used to be the queen of reinvention, but that was when she was young, now as age comes its time for a more sophisticated look, according to an article written on The Sydney Morning Herald by Andrew Mercado, who address what his concern to the fans that attended her Brisbane show on March 18. Read more …


Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities

The world has been seriously missing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band’s last LP was the underwhelming I’m With You, released in 2011. The main problem with that record was that Kiedis and co. didn’t re-invent themselves convincingly enough. We had no issue with the music evolving; the crime was that the way they chose to evolve seemed to rob the record of its key identities that were so integral to the band. We couldn’t tell Chad Smith was behind those drums, and we could barely recognise Flea’s distinctive playing style. It wasn’t what they played, it was how they played it.

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HIGHLIGHT: Connor Breaks Down Over New Policy (Deja Moo #7)

gfIn our extra special ‪#‎2016Budget‬ show this afternoon, Connor was moved to tears when discussing one of the most heartbreaking new policies imposed by ScoMo and the Coalition Government. Listen to the moment he broke down live on Radio Monash in an exclusive snippet below:

Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy.

Hosted by Connor Johnston and Sam Corcoran
Special Guests: Daniel French-Mullen

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