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Madonna still the Queen of music, or has time moved on?

As exciting as Madonna’s return to performing in Australia sounds, it is unexpectedly terrible to see the increase in ticket refunds. Madonna has decided to do her concerts in Australia after 25 years, which is quite big news. Although she has been facing trouble because of her lack of timing. An example includes the case in Adelaide, where half the people attending the concert had become furious to the fact that they were told she would be performing much later than expected, around 1:00 am instead of 8:30 am, and so one of the fellow attendee said “Madonna should have respected the fact that we have work tomorrow.” Therefore, the producers had told the furious crowd that if they wanted refunds they can do so, after which half of the audience asked for refunds. Numerous fans had titled her late timing as “rude” and this has caused a large impact on her credibility as a performer. Another mishap that had happened on stage was when she accidently revealed a girl’s breasts on stage and saying “She’s the kind of girl you just want to slap on the ass and pull”. What sort of message is Madonna trying to put out there? She used to be the queen of reinvention, but that was when she was young, now as age comes its time for a more sophisticated look, according to an article written on The Sydney Morning Herald by Andrew Mercado, who address what his concern to the fans that attended her Brisbane show on March 18. Read more …


Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dark Necessities

The world has been seriously missing the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band’s last LP was the underwhelming I’m With You, released in 2011. The main problem with that record was that Kiedis and co. didn’t re-invent themselves convincingly enough. We had no issue with the music evolving; the crime was that the way they chose to evolve seemed to rob the record of its key identities that were so integral to the band. We couldn’t tell Chad Smith was behind those drums, and we could barely recognise Flea’s distinctive playing style. It wasn’t what they played, it was how they played it.

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HIGHLIGHT: Connor Breaks Down Over New Policy (Deja Moo #7)

gfIn our extra special ‪#‎2016Budget‬ show this afternoon, Connor was moved to tears when discussing one of the most heartbreaking new policies imposed by ScoMo and the Coalition Government. Listen to the moment he broke down live on Radio Monash in an exclusive snippet below:

Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy.

Hosted by Connor Johnston and Sam Corcoran
Special Guests: Daniel French-Mullen

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Monash Agrees to 20% Government Budget Cut in Exchange For Rare Pokémon Cards

Plans for a 20% budget cut to universities have been a cause for a lot of controversy since the news leaked. Students especially have been vocal about the financial infringements on their education. However, it was recently leaked on social media that the deal was sweetened by the inclusion of rare trading cards from the popular anime series “Pokémon”.


“Look, it wasn’t a hard decision to make. Do you know how much these cards could hypothetically make in the trading card market?” justified the Vice-Chancellor via the Monash twitter handle. “This trade is a positive step towards our pride as a university and shows just how much we value individuality. I doubt there’s another card like this one in the world.”

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Neill in action for the Socceroos

Lucas Neill bankrupt in the UK, player agency likely to be dissolved.

IT seems that it has been a tumultuous post-retirement world for former Socceroos captain Lucas Neill. On Sunday it became clear that the defender was bankrupt. Although he earned an estimated $40 million in a career that spanned nearly two decades and included two world cups, Neill’s finances will nonetheless be investigated by UK authorities to determine the full scale of his debts.

It is believed that Neill was in Australia until a month ago, when he moved to an unknown location. His wife and children are believed to be in England, where they are at school. The insolvency firm probing his affairs says it plans to interview him “when he returns to the UK”.

Along with this, A sports player agency run by Lucas Neill’s brother in law is threated with dissolution. Inspire Sports Management represented Neill throughout his career, along with a host of other Socceroos stars. It is primarily run by Neill’s brother in law Darren Jackson.

Reports say the agency could be dissolved as soon as June.


Obama out

US President Barack Obama delivered his eighth and final stand-up speech at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday night. The President roasted Donald Trump, and even his ageing looks, before “mic dropping” and declaring “Obama out.”

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Manu Island detention centre set to close

After the influential decision of the Supreme Court ruling the Manus Island detention centre as illegal and unconstitutional, PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has come out saying that such a detention centre will close in light of such a verdict.

The decision throws spanners into the Turnbull government’s offshore detention regime, thrusting the border protection system high onto the political agenda, just weeks out from an expected election campaign. It is understood more than 850 men are currently housed in the facility, and with numbers extremely maxed out at the Nauru detention centre, it is unclear what the right solution for such an issue is.

In a statement, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the government would work with PNG to address the issues raised by the court ruling, but insisted that Manus Island detainees “will not be settled in Australia”.

“The Government has not altered on its position that people who have attempted to come illegally by boat to Australia and who are now in the Manus facility will not be settled in Australia”, and with such a stance, it’s almost questionable what solution will ultimately be reached.

From statements of the PNG Prime Minister, it is quite adamant that such a closure will occur; yet It is not yet clear when the facility would shut. Intense pressure currently exists on the Australian government to deal with the problem – either by moving the asylum seekers and refugees to another location, such as Nauru or Christmas Island, or finding a third country to house them.

Mr O’Neill said the centre’s closure would have a negative effect on the Manus Island economy and the government will work with Australia to minimise damage to businesses and workers.

“I have considered the ruling of the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea and welcome this outcome,” Mr O’Neill said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Respecting this ruling, Papua New Guinea will immediately ask the Australian government to make alternative arrangements for the asylum seekers.”

Only once negotiations end will it evident what will become of such detainees, but with Mr O’Neil welcome such a decision and following it, even to the detriment of the island’s economy, it shows a positive step towards humane treatment of those trying to settle in foreign countries.


RTBU: Pink Carriages in Australia, Yay or Nay?



Bob Nanva, secretary of the  Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) has proposed a trial of ‘pink’ all-female carriages, named ‘Safe Carriages’, which has already been effectively adapted in various places around the world.

With Trials starting in NSW, this initiative aims to make travelling  experiences safer at night for women and children. The trains will start running after 8pm every night, with each carriage carriage having extra distress buttons installed, on-board CCTB and more regular checks by staff. This idea was previously suggested by the RTBU along with the NSW Rape Crisis Centre in 2013.

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Doctor Who finds its new Companion in Pearl Mackie’s “Bill”

And now things get exciting! For Doctor Who Fans, the wait in-between each series is one of the most tedious and testing times of the year, with the only relief being any major teasers of announcements regarding what’s to come.

2016 specifically, being the first “Who-Free” year since 2004, has felt ridiculously dry… that is until today. In the early hours of Sunday morning Pearl Mackie was revealed as Peter Capaldi’s new companion “Bill” for Series 10 which is set to air in Early 2017. “Bill” fills the void left by Jenna Coleman’s Clara who left at the conclusion of Series 9 last year, ending her record breaking 3 series run. Mackie was revealed to the world in the form of a 2 minute promotional video battling Daleks, which aired on on BBC One during half time of the FA Cup semi-final. Read more …


First Impressions

From childhood, the importance of ‘never (judging) a book by its cover’ is stressed… and for good reason. If not for this principle it’d be so easy to overlook the nuance and depth hidden beneath the surface of a person, a place or a thing.

This idea is intrinsic to the concept of reviewing… even as a newcomer to the world of music reviews I can understand that. It is our duty to uncover, analyse and subsequently communicate these intricacies, so as to give the reader the most wholesome and thorough insight into the music as possible. Read more …