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Acts potentially shaming the nation

Australia as a nation is known for many things, for its beautiful beaches, to its wildlife and Aussie slang, but above all it’s famous for its multicultural nature, accepting people from all walks of life into an inclusive society. Although this is true on many levels, recently there have been various incidents seeming to negate such a notion being taken seriously, embarrassing Australians and the ideas that we stand for. Read more …


60 Minutes’ Tara brown and filming crew detained in Lebanon

It’s been reported that 60 Minutes’ report Tara brown, along with a film crew have been detained by Lebanese police after attempting to film the recovery of two children who had been taken to Beirut for a holiday with their Australian father.

Despite outlining that the children would only be taken for a short period, Mr Elamine was alleged to have refused to return the children to their mother, leading to a desperate bid by the mother to employ an international child-recovery agency to snatch the children back.

Ms Faulkner made a number of appeals for public funding, along with approaching the Foreign Affairs department for assistance, but all those leads were unsuccessful in recovering the children.

Fairfax media believes that the 60 Minutes team was there to film the private operation, an operation which resulted in the successful recovery of both children. Although mother and children are believed to escaped to a safe house, Lebanese police found the 60 minute crew, along with employees of the recovery agency and sought to interview them.

Commotion over this matter has arisen due to the fact that the incident was reported in the Beirut news as a kidnapping, leading to a car and boat used in the operation to be seized and further interviewing will continue.

Executive producer Kirsty Thompson said 60 Minutes was working with authorities to resolve the situation.

More on this matter is still to come.

Brungas Band

I want to go to the beach with Brungas Band

I’ve wanted to review this band for a while but have been tossing up whether I want to keep them a secret or not. If my Facebook stalking is correct, the band of four met in school and has been playing the Melbourne scene since 2014.


I first saw them last year when they supported indie-folk band Mango Retreat’s EP launch at The Worker’s Club in Fitzroy. I remember thinking that the lead singer had a really strong voice, but it wasn’t until I saw them play at the Penny Black in Brunswick and more recently at the Arcadia Hotel in South Yarra, that I took a real liking to the Brunga’s sound.


Brungas Band is named after the band’s bassist Alex Brunga. They are a group of good-looking young guys with an indie-surf-rock sound, and hot, original lyrics and melodies to boogie to. Their stage presence is also on point- the lead singer even took his shirt off at one of their shows (sadly I missed that one).

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HANA’s debut EP beautiful and enchanting

 You may have heard of the lovely HANA through artists such as Grimes, Purity Ring and Lana Del Ray, having supported all of these acts throughout 2015 and the beginning of 2016.


After concluding her support slot at Grimes’s Acid Reign Tour earlier this month, the enchanting HANA released her debut self-titled EP on the 25th of March. Impressively, not only is she the sole front woman of her ethereal pop act, but the record is self-written and mostly self-produced. Through construction of both the music and the complementing visual aspects, HANA, like her close friend, Grimes, leads the way in creating the successful self-made female pop star. Read more …


Grimes – My Sister Says The Saddest Things

Imagine being chased by your worst fear at night. Now, imagine a soft voice in your head repeating the same persistent chant: “tick-tock baby”. Add resonating drums in the background to complete your whole running montage. Pretty creepy right?

Okay, this isn’t a new Grimes single. But if you’re into really simple and gritty, ambient, synth-heavy music then give this review a chance. Cause that’s what you get on My Sister Says The Saddest Things, which takes the comfort in feeling slightly creeped out to a whole other level.

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“death tax” on the cards while private companies earning over $200 million pay none

With the release of the budget by the Coalition just over a month away, possible inclusion of the controversial policy of collecting student debts from the dead, as well as increasing student fees could find themselves to be on the table in an attempt to achieve savings.

Currently HECS debts of deceased estates worth more than $100,000 are written off by the government, recognising that these sums will never be recovered. If however such policy was to be implemented, it would lead to a potential $800 million in savings. This is something Education Minister Simon Birmnigham would very much welcome, due to the pressure the education sector is under to produce some substantial savings.

Although other options are under consideration to gather funds, a positive in recovering HECS debt from deceased individuals is that it would be mostly affecting wealthy households, ensuring that low-income graduates would not be affected due to the $100,000 basis.

While such a policy would see a small contribution to the deficit in the short-term, it would highly impact on the debt that the government still had outstanding in the long-term, meaning that future budgets and economic activity would benefit.

Additionally there is still the matter of a 20% cut in funding and increasing student fees without full deregulation of the system, options that still remain official government policy, and will apply with other reforms the government decide to adopt.

Such savings are important for the government in order for the budget to eventually come back into surplus, and furthermore to provide resources to fund other projects it has set on it’s agenda. What goes against such a death tax and its need to create savings is the fact that almost a third of large private companies paid no tax in the 2013-14 period. These figures would immediately make one believe that such companies were dodging their obligations, yet the fact that such companies are associated with a variety of entities, means that the aggregate of these private groups could result in no profit, or losses in previous years which are offset, and therefore no tax.


Oxfam Australia’s Joy Kyriacou said upon this instalment that “it’s time for the Australian Government to crack down on large companies…. [they] should justify their investments in tax havens, and be required to publicly report the taxes they pay- both in Australia and overseas.”

Such insight would clarify and ensure that companies operating in Australia are paying their fair share of tax, but then the question arises of where do we draw the line in terms of information that companies should report? AASB standards reflect the requirements and important information users need to make informed decisions. What is clear is that users will never be completely informed of everything going on in relation to a company, and publicly reporting taxes paid in various countries may not be of extensive use to such a point as to make it a requirement. But would it assist in getting rid of unfair tax breaks? Possibly, a matter that ultimately would need to be debated by the government and accountants in the industry.

What is imminently clear though is that voters will not warm highly to the idea of a ‘death tax’ where tax isn’t being contributed by large private companies operating in Australia. Tightening tax laws just might have to occur in order for other elements proposed by the government in their looming budget to be accepted by the Australian voters.


Biffy Clyro announce Ellipsis and drop new track Wolves of Winter

Seismometers around Scotland and the world are going a wee bit crazy as rock and roll giants Biffy Clyro announce new album -Ellipsis-.

The follow-up to the bands 2013 smash hit -Opposites- was announced overnight along with the debut of new single Wolves of Winter. The Black Chandelier performers will release seventh album -Ellipsis- on July 8th of this year through Warner Bros Records. Read more …


Jim Ward Leaves At the Drive-In

Recently reunited post-hardcore band At the Drive-In have announced that guitarist and vocalist Jim Ward is no longer a member, days before embarking on a world tour.

The band made the announcement via Facebook over the weekend, stating that they “..wish him [Ward] well and are excited to see you soon.” The announcement has left many fans disappointed, with several believing Ward was never involved in the reunion in the first place.

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Deafheaven's new album, New Bermuda, comes out Oct. 2.

Deafheaven Announce Australian Tour

San Francisco-based black metal band Deafheaven have announced that they will be touring Australia in June.

The announcement follows the groups’s addition to the lineup of the VIVID LIVE festival, which will take place throughout Sydney from May 27 to June 13. The lineup also includes acts such as New Order, Björk, Antony & The Johnsons and Oneohtrix Point Never.

This will be Deafheaven’s first Australia tour since 2014, and the first since the release of their third album New Burmuda. The band incorporates elements of black metal and shoegaze into their dense sound, making for a visceral and transcendent listening experience – along with what must surely be one of the weirdest fan bases in metal.

Tickets for shows outside Sydney are now on sale through Handsome Tours. Check out the tour dates below:

Deafheaven 2016 Australian Tour

Thursday, 2nd June
Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Friday, 3rd June
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Handsome Tours

Saturday, 4th June
Crowbar, Brisbane
Tickets: Handsome Tours

Monday, 6th June
Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Tickets: Handsome Tours


Sir George Martin, Beatles producer, dies at 90

Legendary producer, arranger and “fifth Beatle” Sir George Martin has passed away in his home at the age of 90.

Ex-Beatles drummer Ringo Starr broke the news via Twitter, expressing his condolences.

Sir George was considered one of the greatest record producers of all time; outside of his work with the Fab Four he produced and arranged for musicians as diverse as Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck, Cilla Black, Elton John and Ultravox.

Having worked with the Beatles from 1962 through the rest of the 60s he made innumerable contributions to their studio work, including string arrangements for “Eleanor Rigby” and “Yesterday” to the orchestral climax to “A Day in the Life” to the sped-up piano solo from “In My Life”. In 2006 he, aided by his son Miles, remixed 80 minutes for the stage performance and album Love in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil.

Sir George is survived by his wife Judy Lockhart and their four children.


New Kendrick Lamar album leaked on Spotify

A new album by Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar has emerged unannounced on Spotify this week. The leak follows an announcement by Top Dawg Entertainment head Anthony Tiffith that the label would drop a new album this week.

The album, entitled untitled unmastered, is not yet available to stream, but the tracklisting as it appears on Spotify is as follows:

01 “untitled 01 08.19.2014″
02 “untitled 02 06.23.2014″
03 “untitled 03 05.28.2013″
04 “untitled 04 08.14.2014″
05 “untitled 05 09.21.2014″
06 “untitled 06 06.30.2014″
07 “untitled 07 2014 – 2016″
08 “untitled 08 09.06.2014″

The album is presumed to be a collection of Lamar’s “Untitled” series, a series of previously unreleased songs that the MC has been performing live on tour and in several televised appearances. The latest unveiling was at the 2016 Grammys, where K-Dot performed “Untitled 3” as a coda to his single “Alright”.

Lamar won five Grammys this year, including Best Rap Album for 2015’s landmark To Pimp a Butterfly and Best Rap Song for “Alright”.