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As a pioneer of showcasing Australian talent both on stage and behind the scenes, it is no secret that Red Stitch Actor’s Theatre have built up a certain reputation amongst the Melbourne theatre scene to produce high-quality performances season after season. Following the success of “The Village Bike”, “Splendor”, and “The River” earlier this year, the world premiere of “The Honey Bees” has been developed through the INK program, working to encourage and give platform to works of Australian playwrights. Written by Caleb Lewis and Directed by Ella Cadwell, “The Honey Bees” is a story of empire, family and unspoken truths that threaten to destroy the already fractured bonds between a group of characters linked by both blood and ambition.  Read more …

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PODCAST: Deja Moo #15 “2016 Election Special”

Presentation1 [Autosaved]It’s a massive 2 HOUR edition of ‪#‎DejaMoo‬ tonight on Radio Monash, featuring interviews with 9 Different Members for Parliament and other local candidates from Australian Labor PartyLiberal Party of AustraliaThe Australian Greens and the Australian Animals Justice Party // including: Mark DreyfusStefanie Perri – Labor Candidate for ChisholmWillisa HogarthAlex BhathalJoshua Briers – Greens Candidate for Deakin George Hua – Liberal for HothamJosh Fergeus – Greens Candidate for ChisholmTony Clark, Labor for DeakinDr Helen Jeges


Join us on Radio Monash; Every Monday at 6pm as we expose the ever burring lines between the Political Arena and the Entertainment Industry through poor attempts at comedy.

Hosted by: Connor Johnston, Paris Balla and Yusuf Aly

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