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MUSIC REVIEW: The Best of New Releases (August 2017)

August is an inherently odd month. In London (the city where I am currently reliving Orwell’s Down and Out), August is the tinder date with clearly photo shopped images, masquerading as a “Summer Month” – but whose distorted hips and rainy afternoons are not fooling anyone. In Melbourne, August takes the role of a thirteen-year-old attempting to convince you he is emerging puberty early into the golden months of sun – though is similarly foiled by the immaturity and attitude of its own climate.

August is an identity crisis. August is you up at 3am planning a personality overhaul you’ll never commit to. August is hope for change – whether that hope be naïve, sincere or a mixture of the two. Something that unites the selected tracks in today’s playlist is that they each embody a different element of August’s indecisiveness, anxiety and courage.  Read more …


Faith – A New Year’s Message from Radio Monash

Our Live Music Director for next, Paris Balla pays tribute to the late and great George Michael with this stunning cover of a classic in our final video for 2016.

Radio Monash would like to wish all its members the happiest and safest of New Years – and can’t wait to continue bringing you the best in student generated content throughout 2017. 2016 has been a year full of trails and tribulations; both for the station and the world – but it has also been a year of prosperity, and with every challenge has entailed an opportunity to learn and grow.

We can have faith in the future, only by having faith in ourselves.

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Alicia Keys – ‘Blended Family’ Track Review

Alicia Keys has been an all-time favourite artist of mine since I was a young-un, and I’ve loved following her progress alongside my own musical endeavours. Her songs are heartfelt, raw and passionate, with this natural feel drawing both from her craftsmanship as a songwriter and a pianist. Hence, her latest release ‘Blended Family’ brought me great excitement, in anticipation for her new album being released November 4th!

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Surprises, Stunts and Sex Tapes: Selling Albums in 2016

In a society where music streaming and (heavens forbid) music piracy reign supreme, it is terrifying to watch what extremes musicians now need to go to sell their albums and make an income. With an absolute bombardment of music in every corner of our busy lives, it may be difficult to imagine how hard musicians and their publicity team work. Yet, it now takes a huge publicity stunt to get sales rolling for even the musical legends of our era. Long gone are the days of poster advertisements and a good review on Countdown. Artists are resorting to unusual and ridiculous measures to sell their musical products to you. Read more …


Album Review: White Hot Moon by Pity Sex

Pity Sex’s White Hot Moon provides summer vibes with breezy guitar riffs, laid-back beats and hazy vocals as well as heavy bass lines and aggressive drums.


The American quartet released the 12-track album last month, which takes you through lost love and rejection with fuzzy emo-pop tunes.


The co-vocalists Britty Drake and Brennan Greaves alternate between loud and soft, gruff and airy, exemplifying the group dynamic, which sways between shoe gazing and head banging. There couldn’t be a better name for a band that tries to have it both ways.
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The Lumineers: Cleopatra is gold

Four years after hitting the charts with campfire tune, Ho Hey, the Lumineers return with a 14-track album, which is equally as folksy but a tad “heavier” than their debut self-titled album.


Cleopatra has been an anticipated album for fans (like me) in the alternative community. The three-piece group has delivered fans with stories of love, loneliness, and redemption, which did not disappoint. The character-driven tunes about Ophelia, the new girl in town, and Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen of the title, produce a thoughtful and emotional record.

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P!NK Bursts Through the Looking Glass with “Just Like Fire”

Alecia Moore (more popularly known as P!NK) is one of those few artists to whom I have an unwavering sense of loyalty. Having followed her career religiously for as long as I can remember, I feel fairly confident in saying that Pink may be one of the most talented and diverse performers of our generation. From her humble origins as one third of the R&B Girl Group ‘Choice’, all the way through to her various Pop-Rock and Contemporary R&B albums including “I’m Not Dead” and “Funhouse”, to 2012’s incredibly diverse and popular “The Truth About Love” and finally 2014’s folk music collaboration as part of “You+Me”; her career has charted across a number of music genres, earning high praise at almost every turn. This week, 4 years after the release of her last solo album, Pink has released a brand new original song written especially for Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, hitting theatres around the world in the coming months and, as the title suggests, it’s “Just Like Fire”.

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An Analysis of Kanye West’s Updates to ‘The Life of Pablo’

Disclaimer: This is not so much a review of Kanye’s updates, rather an examination of the practices, rationale and implications of the changes.

The hip-hop album. For decades it provided concrete, unequivocal and unchanging evidence of an artist’s capability. The greatest of which, the ‘Illamtic’s, the ‘Ready to Die’s, the ‘Reasonable Doubt’s etc. exist as pillars in the world of hip-hop. They are often used as standards against which we can measure the aptitude of those who’ve followed in their footsteps. Read more …


Jim Ward Leaves At the Drive-In

Recently reunited post-hardcore band At the Drive-In have announced that guitarist and vocalist Jim Ward is no longer a member, days before embarking on a world tour.

The band made the announcement via Facebook over the weekend, stating that they “..wish him [Ward] well and are excited to see you soon.” The announcement has left many fans disappointed, with several believing Ward was never involved in the reunion in the first place.

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Deafheaven's new album, New Bermuda, comes out Oct. 2.

Deafheaven Announce Australian Tour

San Francisco-based black metal band Deafheaven have announced that they will be touring Australia in June.

The announcement follows the groups’s addition to the lineup of the VIVID LIVE festival, which will take place throughout Sydney from May 27 to June 13. The lineup also includes acts such as New Order, Björk, Antony & The Johnsons and Oneohtrix Point Never.

This will be Deafheaven’s first Australia tour since 2014, and the first since the release of their third album New Burmuda. The band incorporates elements of black metal and shoegaze into their dense sound, making for a visceral and transcendent listening experience – along with what must surely be one of the weirdest fan bases in metal.

Tickets for shows outside Sydney are now on sale through Handsome Tours. Check out the tour dates below:

Deafheaven 2016 Australian Tour

Thursday, 2nd June
Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Friday, 3rd June
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets: Handsome Tours

Saturday, 4th June
Crowbar, Brisbane
Tickets: Handsome Tours

Monday, 6th June
Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Tickets: Handsome Tours