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cool off zone

PODCAST: Cool Off Zone E06

Hosted by Helen and Lola


This Episode features songs that best describes personalities and individuals at different stages in Life. We had listeners who suggested that some of these songs actually speaks a lot about themselves at a point in their lives and some of the songs also summarises their personality traits.

Without getting to know our listeners personally, how easy is it for you to figure why a song was chosen.

Hint: it could be the lyrics or title.



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‘Neon City Pilot’ Soars with their Debut Album “Ghost Wings”

I don’t know what Australian musicians have been up to recently, but it seems every second artist is changing their stage name. Even the Melburnian jazz scene has gotten into the mix of this “evolution” la-di-da, with a fusion quintet that came to my attention earlier this year pulling a “Prince” manoeuvre, to change their name from ‘Pilot’ to the increasingly vibrant, but also confusing ‘Neon City Pilot’. But despite all the befuddlement that comes with changing a name, the group has just launched another incredible release, with their debut album Ghost Wings.

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cool off zone

PODCAST: CoolOff Zone S02E05

Hosted by Lola and Helen.

This Episode appreciates the uniqueness of songs written in other languages. We compiled a list of songs in Languages other than English. It was fun because we thought that even if we could not understand what the songs meant, we were able to connect to it in some kind of way.
This reveals that Music can reach out to people no matter the language or culture.

I hope you enjoy the list of songs.


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SAFIA – Internal (Album Review)


The name has been prominent in Australia’s independent electronic music scene for a while now, and from the moment they released their first single Listen to Soul, Listen to Blues in 2013, it has been well and truly evident that these guys are nothing like any other band out there. Characterised by strong beats, pulsing synths, catchy riffs and melodies, and vocalist Ben Woolner’s unique soul-tinged voice – at times powerful, at times light and husky, with a vocal range that jumps around between tenor to falsetto with seeming ease.

Despite having only released five singles prior to this year, three of these five have made Triple J Hottest 100 countdowns and the band has had no trouble selling out headline shows across the country and flooring crowds at music festivals such as Groovin’ the Moo.

It goes without saying then that the anticipation for an album has been around for a very, very long time; well before making one was even alluded to, yet alone actually announced. However, the excruciatingly long wait is finally over with today’s release of their long-awaited masterpiece: Internal. Read more …


Felix Riebl – “Paper Doors” Review

I’ve been a Cat Empire fan since their hit ‘Hello’, and have loved their distinctive Australian take on ska and jazz. The Cat Empire have toured the world countless times, and their music is loved internationally for the band’s stupendous brass lines, keyboard finesse and thrifty use of vinyl scratching. Front-man Felix Riebl has been the mastermind behind the majority of the band’s success, with his charismatic performance style and intelligent song-writing.


But, following on from the band’s successful 2016 album Rising with the Sun, Felix has decided to go solo once more and release a second album. Paper Doors, released 2nd September 2016, may be short (totalling only 37 minutes), but certainly has a great variety of content. With guest artists including the likes of Emily Lubitz, Katy Steele and Martha Wainwright, it is certainly nice to hear a more intimate canvas for Felix to sing with.

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Podcast: The Sentinel – 25/08

There was a young man from Bergen

Whose voice was kinda gurglin’

He started a band

never got tanned

then got stabbed 28 times and left outside his apartment.

So this is a black metal show. Also, I talk about Euronymous’ murder. This is why you always make sure that if session musicians you’re working with are crazy, you don’t meet up with them to discuss contract grievances.

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Podcast: The Sentinel – 11/08

Meet Adrian. He’s kinda crazy, is metal and is currently writing this introduction. Adrian has mental powers that involve telekinesis, attracting women and repulsing everyone else. But his greatest power is turning you into an obsessed, crazy metalhead just like him. So if you intend to be just like Adrian (and nothing like Julius Caesar…   I mean Donald Trump) you should listen to the sentinel, and then you should take your clothes off, run down the street with a boom box playing slayer, then lie in a park and glory in your sexiness.

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cool off zone

PODCAST: Cool-Off Zone S02E04

Hosted by Lola and Helen

This Episode reveals the songs that  are mostly listened to by our listeners during their quiet times at home. Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know what your neighbor listens to at home alone? Well we thought it would be fun, so we’d gladly share

We love feedbacks, Please enjoy and leave your comments down below


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