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Podcast: The Sentinel – 25/08

There was a young man from Bergen

Whose voice was kinda gurglin’

He started a band

never got tanned

then got stabbed 28 times and left outside his apartment.

So this is a black metal show. Also, I talk about Euronymous’ murder. This is why you always make sure that if session musicians you’re working with are crazy, you don’t meet up with them to discuss contract grievances.

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Podcast: The Sentinel – 11/08

Meet Adrian. He’s kinda crazy, is metal and is currently writing this introduction. Adrian has mental powers that involve telekinesis, attracting women and repulsing everyone else. But his greatest power is turning you into an obsessed, crazy metalhead just like him. So if you intend to be just like Adrian (and nothing like Julius Caesar…   I mean Donald Trump) you should listen to the sentinel, and then you should take your clothes off, run down the street with a boom box playing slayer, then lie in a park and glory in your sexiness.

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cool off zone

PODCAST: Cool-Off Zone S02E04

Hosted by Lola and Helen

This Episode reveals the songs that  are mostly listened to by our listeners during their quiet times at home. Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know what your neighbor listens to at home alone? Well we thought it would be fun, so we’d gladly share

We love feedbacks, Please enjoy and leave your comments down below


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Beats and Vinyl #8 with text (1)

Beats & Vinyl #8 – The Drum & Bass Edition

This week we dived into drum & bass! I had a special guest Nathan help me listen to and comment on a selection of great tracks. We mainly played retro tunes but a couple of personal favourites and modern mixes as well. Whilst not a strictly drum & bass track, The Prodigy’s No Good (Start the Dance) was a highlight, as well as going even further back to 1993 with Origin Unknown and a mix of Valley of the Shadows.

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Beats and Vinyl  show 7 - w text (2)

Beats & Vinyl #7 – Beating the Week 4 Blues

Beats & Vinyl #7 – Beating the Week 4 Blues

The spring flowers may be blooming in Melbourne, but people are feeling the sting of assessments! This week we chilled out with some softer fun sounds to get you through the week 4 blues, as well as information on fun things to do around the Clayton Campus (for free!).  Highlights included “Besos” from Atmosphere’s brand new album Fishing Blues, and the foot-stomping Bounce #9 from Charbel.

Tune in next week for a special drum & bass edition of Beats and Vinyl!

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Snarky Puppy Blows the Roof Off The Forum

If you have seen my earlier reviews, you will know that I am a massive fan of US jazz fusion supergroup Snarky Puppy. Too many times in previous years have I seen them headline the Melbourne International Jazz Festival or tour their latest album, and been unable to attend due to my age. But this year, I vowed to see them, at last an adult. Within a minute of receiving the email that Snarky Puppy had announced a new concert in Melbourne, I had the ticket booking page bookmarked to my laptop, and the opening time for tickets added to my phone’s calendar. I was not going to miss out this time!

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