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PODCAST: Beats & Vinyl #5 – Harder, Better, Faster, Melbourne

This week’s episode features 3 well-known Melbourne DJs: Dirty South, Will Sparks,and  Marlo. Lived in Melbourne for ages but never heard of these guys? No worries! Have listen to some of their tracks and see why Melbourne produces some of the best talent in the global electronic/EDM scene.

You can also enjoy some brand-new sounds from Massive Attack and ZHU, as well as a special treat in the form of the 1987 hit “Ye Ke Ye Ke” by Mory Kante!

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Surprises, Stunts and Sex Tapes: Selling Albums in 2016

In a society where music streaming and (heavens forbid) music piracy reign supreme, it is terrifying to watch what extremes musicians now need to go to sell their albums and make an income. With an absolute bombardment of music in every corner of our busy lives, it may be difficult to imagine how hard musicians and their publicity team work. Yet, it now takes a huge publicity stunt to get sales rolling for even the musical legends of our era. Long gone are the days of poster advertisements and a good review on Countdown. Artists are resorting to unusual and ridiculous measures to sell their musical products to you. Read more …

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‘Cauterize’ & ‘Dust’ is an important moment in rock history — a personal review

‘Cauterize’ and ‘Dust’ epitomise a no-frills, uncompromising and masterful amalgamation of rock n roll, soaring melody and speed metal. Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti fronts the solo-project-turned-full-fledged-band Tremonti, who have built themselves a spot in the rock and metal history books with the release of this double album.

I was raised a rocker. From Kiss to Bruce Springsteen, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil and Guns N Roses, my life since had been a perpetual tug-of-war between metal and rock. As I age, my taste refines and expands, but I never found that perfect amalgamation of the two… until I first heard a band called Alter Bridge back in 2004. As an avid WWE fan, Edge’s theme song Metallingus—an Alter Bridge classic—was so enticing. It was not heavy metal, neither was it hard-rock and it rocked my fucking world. Read more …


Snarky Puppy Barks Up Different Tree with Latest Studio Album

Before I begin, I must disclose that Snarky Puppy are my all time favourite musical ensemble, and I can guarantee bias on so many levels.


That being said, quite honestly, if you love Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Adele, Martin Garrix, Beyoncé, literally anyone, you must check out Snarky Puppy. I promise there will be an absolute bare minimum of one song on each of their albums that you will fall in love with, for some reason or another. Whether it be the funky grooves, the juicy keyboard lines, the diverse cultural embracement or even the vocalists from the Family Dinner album series, there is something inextricably likeable about Snarky Puppy. Read more …


‘Views’ The most anticipated Hip-Hop album of 2016

It is finally here.


Hip-Hop Superstar Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham finally delivers his long anticipated project ‘Views’ (originally known as Views From The 6) after 4 years of anticipation of its release. Having solidified his position at the top of the Hip-Hop industry over the last 4 years through features, singles and his surprise mixtape, ‘If you’re reading this it’s too late”, Drake takes it back to his early years and creates the most personal album of his. The album plays out as a mixture of his previous styles that we have seen over his earlier releases. Taking bits from each project to achieve an album that put’s Drake’s personality out on display. Read more …


Album Review: White Hot Moon by Pity Sex

Pity Sex’s White Hot Moon provides summer vibes with breezy guitar riffs, laid-back beats and hazy vocals as well as heavy bass lines and aggressive drums.


The American quartet released the 12-track album last month, which takes you through lost love and rejection with fuzzy emo-pop tunes.


The co-vocalists Britty Drake and Brennan Greaves alternate between loud and soft, gruff and airy, exemplifying the group dynamic, which sways between shoe gazing and head banging. There couldn’t be a better name for a band that tries to have it both ways.
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