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Abbott Final

OPINION: Abbott’s “BATTLESCARS” should not earn him sympathy, justification or support.

Over night it was revealed that former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן‎‎ Satan, meaning “enemy” or “adversary”), was apparently visited by the Dickensian ghosts of the postal plebiscite: Justice, Karma and Fair-Dunkin Australian Spirit.

According to Mr. Abbott he was approached and allegedly head-butted following a luncheon in Hobart that he attended with anti SSM campaigners and colleague Eric Abetz. Speaking on 3AW, Abbott remarked: Read more …


Is the postal survey Australia’s biggest waste of money in the last decade?

Hint: Yes it is. 

So by now, most of you have probably heard about Australia’s postal vote gauging attitudes to marriage equality. The postal plebiscite/survey that is asks Australians to decide whether the law should be changed to allow same-sex marriages.

With a $122 million cost, this plebiscite is a colossal waste of money. In my humble opinion, the question of allowing same-sex marriages should never have been this difficult to decide in the first place. Besides which, this vote isn’t binding, so even if majority of Australians do vote yes, we don’t actually have a guarantee that same-sex marriage will be legalized. But let’s put aside the question of stupidity because  it can’t be changed now. Read more …


BROKEN NEWS: Obtained Documents reveal Bob Katter’s Inner City Roots

A new day in Australian Politics has brought with it yet another scandal regarding a prominent politician’s heritage; though this time under quite unique circumstances.

Official documents obtained by Radio Monash reveal that Federal MP and Australia’s least favourite ‘country-bumpkin’ Bob Katter, is in fact as cosmopolitan as Carrie Bradshaw vaping coffee through an avocado pip while listening to an audiobook of Eat, Pray Love on a Kindle.     Read more …

Broken News

BROKEN NEWS: Barnaby Joyce set to receive two “of the year” awards!

Australia’s most powerful kiwi, Barnaby Joyce, was recently revealed to have received the second highest number of nominations for the prestigious “New Zealander of the Year” award. The award is one of New Zealand’s highest honours, after “Rugby League Try of the Year” and “NZ’s Most Comfortable Jandal”.

In light of this, the committee of the Australian of the Year award has announced that in the event that Barnaby Joyce is officially nominated for New Zealander of the Year, he will be automatically nominated for Australian of the Year to reflect his dual citizenship. Should Joyce win, he will also automatically receive the Australian of the Year award. The committee have also stated they will uphold the great Australian tradition of claiming Kiwi achievements as their own by moving to confiscate Joyce’s would-be ‘New Zealander of the Year’ award and have its title plaque scratched off in order to have ‘Australian of the Year’ engraved in its place. Read more …


SCIENCE NEWS: John Oliver Tackles Vaccines

Since 2014, Last Week Tonight (hosted by John Oliver) has been enlightening those of us who are, shall we say – ‘less knowledgeable’ on complex issues ranging from US politics to marketing in a simple manner, and somehow still leaving the viewer as able to laugh at the absurdity of the world as it stands. One of the latest subjects to receive the ‘John Oliver treatment’ is vaccines. As the topic of vaccines comes up, however, there are the inevitable responses that are elicited from those that work in the scientific field that may range from ‘why are we still talking about this?’ to ‘vaccines are necessary’. While I believe the latter to be true, the Last Week Tonight analysis primarily focuses on the concerns of those who are less inclined to believe this, namely anxious parents, and goes on to explain the statement as to why ‘they are simply necessary’. Read more …


Barcelona’s Deadly Reality: Do we have to choose between personal liberties and security?

Last Week, the young British-Australian boy, Julian Cadman, was confirmed dead from Thursday evening’s attacks in Barcelona. This brings the death count up to 14, with over 100 people – including his mother – remaining injured. While our thoughts are prayers remain with the families of all those who have been injured and killed during the course of the attacks in Spain, our next duty is to learn from the attack, and adapt our security services to prevent this tragedy from occurring again. Read more …


BROKEN NEWS: Australian Greens Establish “Ethnic Cleansing” Program For Immigrants

The Greens have been showered with both praise and criticism over their new campaign to help indigenous and migrant communities in low socioeconomic areas. The Greens’ Ethnic Cleansing program is set to bring hundreds of portable shower stations to thousands of immigrants around Australia.  Broken News reached out to the Greens for comment, and secured an interview with staffer David Davidson. Read more …


BUDGET17 RECAP AND ANALYSIS: Morrison’s Attempt At A Labor Budget Is Not A Sign Of Ambition Nor Amends, Simply One Of Defeat

Calculators in hand, pitchforks at the ready – welcome to yet another Coalition Budget! Or so one would assume leading into what is traditionally a night that results in furrowed brows, drinking copious amounts of alcohol that (logically) I can’t afford, and abuses on my keyboard. The hardships that plague a 20 year old, middle class, white male attempting to embody the outrage of every possible demographic are simply unparalleled.

This year, however, I’ve been barred from my usual reaction by a budget that requires a heightened sense of analysis and, frustratingly, a lack of partisanship.  A budget that in many ways is far more reminiscent of its ALP counterpart, forces those responding to it to engage with the why; not to merely recap the decisions that have been made. Read more …


Women Creatives Are Constantly Undermined – And Here’s What I’m Doing to Stop That

For those of you who don’t know, Radio Monash had a woman elected to the role of president for the first time in a long while at the end of last year. That woman? Me; Aleks. Third year Immunology student. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

If you know me personally, you’d be very aware at the fact that I’m goal and task oriented. You got a problem? Let’s work out how we can fix it. What’s in my control? What cannot be avoided? What can I start on immediately to work away at the issue? Along with avoiding micro-management at all costs, my other long-term goal for the year is to ensure that Radio Monash grows and flourishes as a space for all creatives. Read more …


2016: The Year That Was

2016. A year of unexpected victories, devestating losses and of course, memes.

With a few hours left until the world enters 2017, our upcoming News Director Avanti Oberoi has taken the opportunity to collate, commentate and analyse the most influential news stories of the last 12 months. From January to December, David Bowie to Carrie Fisher, the Australian Open to the US Election – what were the events that shaped our year, both domestically and internationally, into the one that we are about to bid farewell to? This is Radio Monash’s “2016: The Year The Was” Read more …