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PODCAST: Episode 4 – In the Nick of time

This week’s episode wasn’t all fun and games as my new business partner, Nick Pederson, came into the studio to make business decisions. Nick and I teamed up to disrupt the huge industry of University Shuttle Bus Timetabling and Nick was so impressed with me during the interview he promised me 100% of profits from our new lucrative app.  When not making big corporate decisions Nick and Jamie discussed their shared love of comedy podcasts. We also explored how Nick’s employment with a not-for-profit company made him revaluate his university studies and career goals. Nick also explains how his parents were accepting of his desires to get into the start-up industry thanks to their past business of squash court ownership. Lastly Nick, a self-confessed modern-pentathlon expert, and I try to come up with an even better and more varied sport for the Olympics.

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Podcast: The Sentinel – 25/08

There was a young man from Bergen

Whose voice was kinda gurglin’

He started a band

never got tanned

then got stabbed 28 times and left outside his apartment.

So this is a black metal show. Also, I talk about Euronymous’ murder. This is why you always make sure that if session musicians you’re working with are crazy, you don’t meet up with them to discuss contract grievances.

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