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Blink-182 are back, but not like you know them

And it’s a long way back from seventeen…”

Seventeen years ago, Blink-182 released what some say to be the most iconic Pop-Punk record of the last 20 years, ‘Enema of the State’. The album notoriously became linked to the adolescence of Generation Y, communicating the feelings of angst and hopelessness of teenagers all over the world. Selling over 15 million records, this album caused the explosion of the three piece on to the mainstream music scene. The band at the time consisted of front-men Tom Delonge and Mark Hoppus, with newly crowned drummer Travis Barker.

Since then they have sold 35 million records world-wide, released multiple award winning singles and arguably reinvented music videos with their own unique brand of satirical performing.

Blink-182 have also broken up twice. Most recently, the band split in January 2015 due to tension between Delonge and the other two members. As a result, Hoppus and Barker soon replaced Delonge with Matt Skiba, the vocalist and guitarist from Alkaline Trio.

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First Impressions Revisited: Van Gogh by Coca Vango

After reviewing it the first time, it was safe to say that I was less than keen to revisit this project as part of my First Impressions Series. On top of this, Drake released his much-anticipated fourth studio album, ‘Views’, this week. As a result, I’ve had to drag myself kicking and screaming from Drake’s intriguing introspection and crisp production back to Coca Vango’s ‘Van Gogh’… a mix-tape I described in my first review as ’37 minutes of mind-numbing, musical monotony’. However after a second listen, I feel as if the previous alliteration, as cute a literary device as it is, might’ve been a tad harsh on my part. Read more …


Vintage Done Right in M83’s Latest Album

Just listening to the last 12 months of pop charts, funk looks like it’s back in town. with tracks like Uptown Funk and The Trouble with Us employing slap bass and rhythm guitar to create a refreshed vintage sound, labelled as “Future Funk”.  So with the past becoming the present, it seems only right that the fat synth glory and screaming sax solos of the ‘70s ought to be making a return, right? Read more …


One for a sunday morning – Good Morning: Glory

Sunday mornings are special; an end of the week sanctuary from the responsibility and inconvenience of unmerciful weekdays. In this time bubble, you are not woken by an alarm but by the warm sun sneaking around the curtains. Amidst the post-night-out grogginess, tobacco scented fingertips and sting for coffee is a sense of lazy opportunity. Melbourne based lo-fi, pop-rock duo Good Morning offer the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday morning with their mellow EP -Glory-.  Read more …


Review: Reign of Kindo, Hold Out

When a song has the ability to transport you to a different place, or when it can give you a certain feeling; you know that it’s a ripper of a tune.


This is exactly what Reign of Kindo’s “Hold Out” from their 2008 album “Rhythm, Chord & Melody” achieves in its opening sequence, with its minimalistic styling and contrasting sounds. Their music is from the Jazz fusion genre, with emphasis on the rock aspects. Read more …


First Impressions

From childhood, the importance of ‘never (judging) a book by its cover’ is stressed… and for good reason. If not for this principle it’d be so easy to overlook the nuance and depth hidden beneath the surface of a person, a place or a thing.

This idea is intrinsic to the concept of reviewing… even as a newcomer to the world of music reviews I can understand that. It is our duty to uncover, analyse and subsequently communicate these intricacies, so as to give the reader the most wholesome and thorough insight into the music as possible. Read more …


The Lumineers: Cleopatra is gold

Four years after hitting the charts with campfire tune, Ho Hey, the Lumineers return with a 14-track album, which is equally as folksy but a tad “heavier” than their debut self-titled album.


Cleopatra has been an anticipated album for fans (like me) in the alternative community. The three-piece group has delivered fans with stories of love, loneliness, and redemption, which did not disappoint. The character-driven tunes about Ophelia, the new girl in town, and Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen of the title, produce a thoughtful and emotional record.

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