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Simple Stone

Here We Go Again is an encouraging effort for Sydney rockers Simple Stone. The premise here seems to be to blend radio friendly rock with an infusion of classic rock vibes, while adding heavy metal breakdowns for dramatic effect. It’s a lofty ambition that is realized to varying degrees across the 25 minute run time.

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Album Review: Twenty88


As a fan of Big Sean’s most recent LP, Dark Sky Paradise, and Jhené Aiko’s Souled Out and Sailed Out, I was initially filled with excitement when I noticed the two artists released short teaser videos and changed their social media profiles to close up images of the two together. However, as these artists’ lows are very low, from Big Sean’s corny lines /Oh my Allah, Lordy Lordy Lordy, I took your chick now you want beef and I’m just chuckling like I’m porky/, I cringed even as I wrote that, to Jhené Aiko’s mediocre singing that can at times become monotonous, I decided it would be best I reserve my excitement for the album’s release. Read more …


Gallant showcases his best in debut album “Ology”

For many, Spotify is just another free, easy-to-use music streaming service. What makes it better than other services, however, is its ability to spoon-feed us listeners recommended artists and albums based on what we’ve listened to and, whilst the suggestions can sometimes be pretty damn awful, Spotify still manages to find new music for music hoarders like myself that connect with us on a musical level.


Spotify did just that in the middle of last year when it suggested to yours truly contemporary R’n’B singer Gallant, through Brasstracks’ blasting remix of his single Weight in Gold, and boy, can the guy sing! See just what I’m talking about right here: Read more …


ONE OK ROCK ‘Mighty Long Fall’ – Sing Your Soul Out


“Oh no it’s a wake up call. When your life went into shock.”- When energetic vocals hit you with emotional lyrics, it will instantly give you an uplifting feeling.

‘Mighty Long Fall’ was first released on the 30th of July in 2014, it was later comprised into their seventh album ‘35xxxv’ released the following year. The song is also featured as the ending song for the live action film ‘Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno’ in 2014. This has made their band known to those who are not particularly keen or know about Japanese Rock. Their career was not always such an easy ride. Their road to fame has been hard, and they have come a long way. They started by going to local concert halls and playing gigs throughout Japan before they made it to the most popular concert venue in Japan, Nippon Budokan in 2010 as well as other major festivals such as SUMMER SONIC and ROCK IN JAPAN. Today, they tour worldwide as Takahiro Moriuchi (Taka), the vocalist of the band, initially promised to other members that they would play their music all over the world. Read more …


Album Review: Wellness by Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs is one of the most prolific bands to have come out of Queensland in the last few years. Their debut album, A Million Years, was met with critical acclaim upon its release in 2012. The first single, Zoom, received massive airplay and their hit single Andy made it to Triple J’s Hottest 100; with this onset of critical praise, the band eventually began to receive mainstream success. Riding their newfound wave of critical and commercial fame, Last Dinosaurs released their sophomore album –Wellness- in 2015. Read more …


Baauer’s “Aa” Moving Past the Harlem Shake

Harry ‘Baauer’ Rodrigues returns to music after a silent year with his massive debut album ‘Aa’(Double A). This banger filled album (literally complete bangers) not only reinvents Baauer but also aims to remove himself as the ‘Harlem Shake guy’. The producer does not do this only by himself but collaborates with huge applauded acts.With performances by Rustie, M.I.A., G-Dragon, Leikeli47, Future & Pusha T the album expands over a wide array of sounds

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Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko’s “Spotless Mind” the happier side of breakups


Jhene Aiko, born in Los Angeles, California is an American singer and song writer. She started her music career in contributing vocals and made several appearances in music videos of the R&B group B2K. Since then she has been working with various artists such as J. Cole, R.Kelly and Chris Brown to name a few, with her latest collaborative album with Big Sean named “Twenty 88” released just a week ago. Read more …

River Lane Pic 2

River Lane [EP] Review

Ever since the banjo was appropriated for hordes of screaming teenage girls, a conversation about roots music too often ends with the phrase “oh my godddd I, like, totally love folk! Do you know Little Lion Man?” In the wake of this apocalyptic nightmare, it’s great to see a grassroots (geddit?) group like River Lane reclaiming indie-roots music with their delicate, genuine style. Since they drove all the way from South Australia to perform at Melbourne’s UBERfest last weekend, Radio Monash endeavoured to check out the trio’s warm, self-titled EP… Read more …

Brungas Band

I want to go to the beach with Brungas Band

I’ve wanted to review this band for a while but have been tossing up whether I want to keep them a secret or not. If my Facebook stalking is correct, the band of four met in school and has been playing the Melbourne scene since 2014.


I first saw them last year when they supported indie-folk band Mango Retreat’s EP launch at The Worker’s Club in Fitzroy. I remember thinking that the lead singer had a really strong voice, but it wasn’t until I saw them play at the Penny Black in Brunswick and more recently at the Arcadia Hotel in South Yarra, that I took a real liking to the Brunga’s sound.


Brungas Band is named after the band’s bassist Alex Brunga. They are a group of good-looking young guys with an indie-surf-rock sound, and hot, original lyrics and melodies to boogie to. Their stage presence is also on point- the lead singer even took his shirt off at one of their shows (sadly I missed that one).

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Grimes – My Sister Says The Saddest Things

Imagine being chased by your worst fear at night. Now, imagine a soft voice in your head repeating the same persistent chant: “tick-tock baby”. Add resonating drums in the background to complete your whole running montage. Pretty creepy right?

Okay, this isn’t a new Grimes single. But if you’re into really simple and gritty, ambient, synth-heavy music then give this review a chance. Cause that’s what you get on My Sister Says The Saddest Things, which takes the comfort in feeling slightly creeped out to a whole other level.

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Violent Soho, purposely or not, are blurring the line between grunge and pop music.


‘Waco’, the fourth album release by the infamous four-piece from Mansfield, further solidifies Violent Soho’s rise from genre-less misfits to garage rock sensation. Following the successful release of Hungry Ghost in July 2013, Violent Soho have responded in such a way that proves their former success was no fluke. The release of their new record has been well received by listeners, debuting at #1 on the ARIA Album charts after release on March 18. Read more …