Infectiously loveable, Glaswegian comedian, Larry Dean presented his latest stand up show Farcissist, in Swanson Street at the admirable Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The audience filled the intimate Cloak Room at the Town Hall and were serenaded with music by iconic rockabilly singer Elvis Presley, which kept the audience engaged and in a happy mood whilst awaiting Dean to grace the stage.

In his show, Dean takes you on a journey with anecdotal comedy about his ex- boyfriend, his family, the A-Lister’s he went to school with and other strange experiences. A memorable highlight of the night being how he recounted the time he fainted during a prostate exam, further addressing his fear of any objects headed towards his rear end.

An innocent, childlike persona embodied by Dean juxtaposes with his raunchy sex stories and rebellious actions as a child. Yet, throughout the show it is still noted that he is both ‘needy’ and family orientated as he shares personal family stories about his late grandma, which made the audience ‘aww’ in unison. His transitions from punch lines flowed seamlessly with each story, each progressively being even more hilarious and exciting than the last.

Further, Dean’s accents and impersonations of his parents, friends and best of all, his stereotypical camp mannerisms made it impossible not to cry of laughter.

Larry Dean

Larry Dean’s humour is suitable for a diverse range of audience members from young students to middle aged adults. His audience interaction was superb as his witty replies to audience comments were gold, demonstrating how he is no stranger to stand up and has very well become a master of his craft.

Farcissist dishes up equal amounts of dirty humour and sincere heartfelt emotions, which makes for an hour of immense entertainment. Larry Dean is an international comedian absolutely worth a watch this comedy festival. In fact, you would be doing yourself an injustice if you missed him.

You can catch Larry Dean’s Farcissist at Melbourne Town Hall till April 23rd.