Alas I find myself in the mornings unable to provide a breakfast suitable for a large stomach such as my own, thus I wind up trying to find something appetising while half asleep with only a few dollars residing in my pocket. As of late, I have had a taste for something hot and comforting, the same kind of comfort one finds with a kiss on the cheek as one barely opens their eyes from a long nap.

However my options for such comfort, at my pay-grade, are far between. The options inside the campus centre are Meeting Point, Artichoke + Whitebait, Subway, and Grafali’s. I am only considering these outlets so far because if I were to wander too far in such a tired state I would surely become lost and distraught.

I have been on campus a long time, and heard (and seen) quite the disasters to come out of the kitchens of Meeting Point, however they have gone through a sort of revitalisation over the last few years. In the same way every person deserves another shot, I gave it to them in the form of one of their breakfast specials.

The dish is an english muffin, toasted, adorned with egg, cheese, and your choice of either bacon or sausage. Served on the side is a classic hash-brown and a bottle of juice. The price for this is meal is $7.50, which as far as my research goes is average amongst such specials in the outlets. As a side note to the reader, I will be attempting to review as many meal specials as possible to describe contrast between the possibilities for the weary student expecting heavy content for an early lecture.

After all, Monash does say ‘Ancaro imparo’, and I am still seeking what is truly good value in this world.

Drawing your attention back to the food, by the time I had found myself a small nook to gorge myself, the grease of the food had made the bag itself practically transparent. In my mind I wondered how that could be possible on the outside of an english muffin, in my heart I could hear a distinct scream of horror, but ultimately in my stomach I was encouraged by a gurgle and a glop.

The muffin itself was clearly fresh and heated all the way through, and on touch, save for the sides where cheese had begun to melt and escape its confines, was dry and quite nice to hold. I am not sure if others have had that feeling, but I did find myself staring off into the distance with the muffin between my hands, just enjoying a moment with it there before taking a needy bite from it.

How did I know it was fresh? I had asked for one without egg. While more people enjoy egg, and I do, I just did not feel like having it on this occasion. The staff gave me a smile and went into the kitchen and asked. It was all very easy to tend to my picky tastes, which is a great change from the last time I had been there.

It was all very surprising to me because after all this time, I had not known there was even a chef in their kitchen. To you ladies and gentlemen, I can contend, to my own eyes, he exists.

The muffin’s outside had been warmed rather than toasted, and I expect this was done for the sake of one, the special order, and two, to not waste the cooking time on making something crunchy only to have it lost to the basin that it sits in waiting to be purchased. In my case, I got the sausage because its something I normally don’t cook at home. Outside of the temperature, it was hot, and I don’t mean in the sense of spice.

Its flavour was quick to engulf my throat, mouth, and back of my nose. It was suffocating me in the very idea of “sausage patty”. It was not until I took a few bites and swirls with my tongue that I found the cheese, which seemed a tad strange as per its melting, escaping state I spoke about previously. The chewing allowed each flavour to come into its own and the smell calmed itself into a mix of wheat, sausage, and what I believe was a mild cheese (maybe tasty, or old english, my memory is quite fuzzy at the moment). However, I feel as though I ate the muffin far too quickly, as I did speak about earlier, I gorged. I could feel the sandy granules of the muffin rasp against the sides of my oesophagus. Next morning, if I can remember, I shall remind myself to first chew, then swallow.

When I say “classic hash-brown”, I do not mean the kind that your mother would make, or the kind one may have at a roadside cafe in the middle of no-where. What I am alluring to is that classic rounded oblong of potato that is deep fried and normally served with some form of golden arches.

It was hot, and I could hear the ever so subtly crackling of the outside shell of potato. It wasn’t fresh from the frier, but that’s okay. Its interior separated apart and quickly went down to warm both my throat and my belly. It tasted like a hash-brown in the way one would expect it to, grease and all. In fact, if the grease had not been there with the substance in the same state I would have been sorely, and sourly, disappointed.

There is nothing to review about the juice. It was orange coloured, sported the images of oranges, and claimed to contain oranges. As far as my taste was concerned, it did.

Overall the best way I could describe this meal is “hearty”. It was warm, robust, and filled my stomach to the point where I could face another day with some semblance of humanity. Was it worth $7.50? I think so. $2 for juice, $3.50 for the muffin, and $2 for the hash-brown. It is rather close, but I worry that the variance of the cooking may make it indeed not worth the price. Maybe after tasting some of the other outlet’s specials it will be more clear.

I do recommend the special if you are not inclined towards coffee such as myself, however it is probably best for those who are surviving a heavy night of partying with alcohol or other unsavoury substances. Its warmth, fats, and balanced array of vitamin C (thanks to the juice) is just the thing to break a bender that is close to breaking you.

I will come back to review this special once all the other outlets have been examined, and I will be give my full recommendation then. Do let me know if I have missed any particular choice in the morning, and I will add it to the list.

Yours until the next course,