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Feeling compelled to have fun with us, or just want to suss out more of what’s on offer There are many areas you can grow with Radio Monash – it all comes down to your preference!

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COMMUNITY | Create the atmosphere

The lounge is where the magic of RadMon happens. However, our space doesn’t stay up by itself! Join the uber team that make every square-metre of the lounge enjoyable and welcoming for everyone.


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EVENTS | Bringing people together in rad ways

RadMon members don’t only like to hangout in the lounge, we also like to step out and do awesome things together – often with other students too! Rad events are only possible by rad people who like to bring a smile upon people’s faces in unique ways. Creating successful events can sometimes be the most rewarding endeavour.


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EXECUTIVE | The brain of the station

The success and longevity of RadMon unfortunately did not come out of thin air. A core team, consisting of the President & Vice, Treasury and Secretary, ensure the official administration of the station are taken care of. The executive, in addition to the other portfolios, form the committee that strategically envision and direct the present and future of the station. Joining the executive will provide you the insight and skills into what it takes to run a mid-sized organisation with many cogs.

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The heart of RadMon, where it all began 50+ years ago. The folks here ensure a high standard in producing quality shows by training and supporting our Presenters. You can help our broadcasting remain at a high calibre and/or have your own show!

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JOURNALISM | Write groundbreaking stories

Journalism is comprised of two parts being News and Cultural Journalism. Writing both or either is optional. The Cultural Journalism team explore the local and global music scene, artist happenings, film/theatre reviews and more. Get handson with what it takes to be a journo today!

[Marketing] Get Involved IconsMARKETING | The voice and image of RadMon

There’s a lot of noise out there, and cutting through that noise can often seem like a butterknife is trying to scratch a diamond. There’s a good chance you heard of us from one of our marketing channels, so it’s good to see you again! If you come-up with awesome ideas in the shower or trafficjam, then why not flex those skills with helping more students benefit from the station?

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IT | Empower the portfolios

Technology is a significant aspect in the daily running of the station. Many of our systems are automated from podcasting, preparing meetings and monitoring crucial system. A smoothly run RadMon won’t be possible without sophisticated systems in place. IT is always building and improving new tools so that everyone can have a rad experience. Solve unique problems with astounding solutions by joining IT.

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PRODUCTION | Your mixtape, on fire!

Tucked away from plain sight, lies a sophisticated set of rooms where the legends create original music. Get handson with industry standard equipment to record, mix and master tracks. We also hire out the area for many bands.

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TECHNICAL | Broadcasting done right

A station cannot broadcast 24 hours, 7 days a week, all of the year without well-managed systems. The technically portfolios ensure we are always broadcasting without downtime, in addition to providing custom needs for the Presenters.


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