‘She’s like the Australian Lorde,’ the guy beside me explains to his mate. And he wasn’t wrong. Mallrat, much like Lorde, expresses the universal angst and confusion teenagers often undergo. However, unlike Lorde, the Brisbane teen masks this uneasiness with complementing groovy and funky beats that almost celebrate the ever so uncomfortable ‘coming of age’ journey.

On the 6th of April, Mallrat played her first headline show in Melbourne at the Gasometer presenting her debut EP ‘Uninvited’. This was not the first show of the day, as being on a busy schedule, she had also played a matinee show at Government House alongside other young Australian talent; Japanese Wallpaper and Alex Lahey, and luckily enough for me, I had the pleasure of catching both shows. Her show at Government House allowed for underage fans to share a feeling of the collective journey that they’re about to embark on as youths. As Melbourne’s younger scene sung their hearts out and began building mosh pits under the established heritage site of Government House, it was easy to see the zest and excitement that Mallrat‘s music could radiate to whoever and especially wherever it is being performed. Her music certainly centres around the organic and messy breakdown of teenage relationships and adolescent angst, but her sound reminds the audience of the upbeat attitude necessary during these tough times.
Similarly, her show at the Gasometer hours after demonstrated parallel effects. Joined by Sidechains DJs and upcoming Australian, OH BOY, it was a festive and intimate show of age. The Sidechains DJs set up the dances and groovy atmosphere that often resides at the Gasometer and OH BOY emphasised it further. With similar sounds to Cosmo’s Midnight, OH BOY is another young producer to keep yours eyes on. He explains that 90s sounds and the Internet influence his electronic dance, a combination you can’t deny makes you get up and dance.
At 11pm Mallrat hit the stage. With cheers and excitement from the crowd she opened the show with the last track from her EP, ‘For Real’.  With phones at the ready in the air people balanced filming their Snapchat stories and furiously dancing to her hybrid take on rap, pop and electronica. This was soon eased with crowd settlers like ‘Sunglasses’ then ‘Suicide Blonde’ which she tells the crowd she actually wrote at the ripe age of 16. Her honesty exposes the crowd to a vulnerable yet truthful side of her, that we can all identify and admire her with.
To reignite the excitement in the room, she played an unreleased track made with fellow Brisbane band The Belligerents, followed with what seemed to be a crowd favourite cover of Drake’s ‘Pop Style’. As people begin to dance on stage and platforms of the Gasometer it is so easily evident that the enthusiasm was growing, resembling the climax of a teenage house party. To further exemplify this, OH BOY joined the stage to finish off an already exciting set from the very promising Mallrat. 
Finally, thanking her fans for the hundredth time, Mallrat ends the show with ‘Tokyo Drift’ and of course title track ‘Uninvited’. After the finale, the crowd plead for “one more song!” Yet, they’re faced with a melancholic Mallrat answering with an honest ‘I don’t have anymore songs!’ After an epic show, it is justified that Mallrat is an incredible up and coming talent within the Australian scene who is more than capable of putting on a show that has a distinctive effect on people. 
You can listen to Mallrat’s debut EP below, or catch up with her on Facebook here.