HANA’s debut EP beautiful and enchanting


 You may have heard of the lovely HANA through artists such as Grimes, Purity Ring and Lana Del Ray, having supported all of these acts throughout 2015 and the beginning of 2016.


After concluding her support slot at Grimes’s Acid Reign Tour earlier this month, the enchanting HANA released her debut self-titled EP on the 25th of March. Impressively, not only is she the sole front woman of her ethereal pop act, but the record is self-written and mostly self-produced. Through construction of both the music and the complementing visual aspects, HANA, like her close friend, Grimes, leads the way in creating the successful self-made female pop star.

In the EP, HANA delves into a set style that is atmospheric and earthly, transporting the listener into a type of dream-scape world. The five-song EP track list is as follows:








‘Clay’, the debut single released in mid-2015, showcases her vocal talent alongside soft synth sounds that accompany her haunting lyrics that are presented in a most angelic way. She intertwines her nostalgia with a certain assertiveness or wisdom for future experiences based on her own breakup. This song has been praised by many in the scene including fellow major pop star, Lorde and was even picked up by Lena Dunham’s television baby ‘Girls’ and showcased to the thousands.



‘Underwater’, my personal favourite, is trancing and flows through your mind like a ripple through a pool of water. This song is an absolutely banger and was set free to the world a couple of weeks before the release of the EP. In fact, I’ve been singing this (super bad and super loud) like crazy in the car for the past few days. This track is eerie and haunting as she produces enticing supernatural sensations through both the use of her mysterious lyrics and by the bewitching slow-pace of the track. If UFOs came to Earth and played this song as a way to coax humans to go back with them, I think I’d be first in line!



If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing HANA live, as I did this year, you will know how effortlessly flawless her performance is. She executes these songs simply with her equipment surrounded by four hot pink Japanese parasols and graces the stage with her elegance and friendly nature that comes across so naturally in her performance. The show is styled to suit her aesthetic – it is neat and clean which help emphasise HANA’s place in the delicate dream pop world she has created through her music.


In my opinion, music that ascertains a certain style or concept throughout tends to be more interesting and consistent to listen to whereas others may deem it to sound a little too similar. However, this is only a debut EP, and HANA has a lot more unrestricted ground to cover in her bright future.


I have nothing but good things to say about this artist, and hopefully we’ll see her back on our shores as soon as possible.














Bella Scalia