Over the course of two feature length reviews, Connor Johnston and Mike Riviere will be going head to head and sharing their own views on one of the most anticipated and divisive films of 2016: Suicide Squad

You can read Connor’s Review here:


Extract: “Suicide Squad” reminded me of what it felt like to go to a film simply for the sake of enjoying it. Following a group of antiheroes assembled by US Intelligence Officer Amanda Waller, the movie is one of the first of its kind to feature a group of villains as the main protagonists – with an approach that feels remarkably unique among an ever growing mass of superhero films, while still acknowledging its ties to the cinematic universe it builds upon. “Suicide Squad” is not without its flaws, however it benefits greatly from a contagious energy that offers audiences the chance to divulge in pure, unadulterated joy. (Read More)

You can read Mike’s Review here:


Extract: Let me preface everything I’m about to say with this; I went into my screening of Suicide Squad with no knowledge of other people’s criticisms, any Rotten Tomatoes score or even any knowledge of the plot beyond what the, in retrospect, exceedingly well orchestrated trailers showed off. Thus, during the screening, I was pleasantly surprised. Then mildly entertained. Then confused. And then moderately angry. Walking out of the screening, I entered a fugue state of what I can only describe as being shell-shocked. Let me say this; I actually enjoyed this movie. Correction, I enjoyed exactly 50% of it. What happened after that golden moment can only be described as feelings of resentment, betrayal and despair. (Read More)

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