Brazilian President Dilma Roussef has lost the first round of proceedings surrounding her impeachment today in the lower house. The first vote passed in congress with a majority of over two thirds from the conservative and anti-rousseff members of congress, causing good reason to worry for members of the Brazilian Worker’s Party and Roussef. 

Rouseff a former left wing Guerrilla in the 1960s turned politician assumed office as the president of Brazil in 2011 and won a second term in office in 2014. During her time as office Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup and is currently gearing up for the Rio Olympics this summer.

Although she’s brought Brazil to the world stage at home Roussef has become an increasingly unpopular figure.

Roussef used to enjoy the reputation of being an honest politician in a political system mired by corruption, those days however are long gone as her government currently sits on approval ratings of around 10% due to various corruption scandals.

The most recent scandal implicates her in illegal accounting practices aimed at hiding her governments shortcomings back in 2014 in order to win her bid for re-election. These allegations were grounds enough for her political opponents to start impeachment proceedings.

President Roussef stands by her innocence and vows to “fight until the last minute … to foil this coup attempt.” For the president and her supporters the impeachment proceedings and accusations of corruption is part of a political power grab by vice president Michel Temer.

The proceedings surrounding her impeachment still have to pass a vote in the senate which are likely to occur in May. Following a successful vote in the senate for the impeachment camp a 180 day trial would occur where the vice president would take over her duties until a verdict is reached.