Hi guys! This week, Peggie couldn’t make it to her show so Sahana and Sayu took over. Sahana and Sayu were accompanied by Nathan and Mr. Krabs (Yes, that is his name). So, they talked about Youtube, the tragedy in Syria and had some friendly banter. We found out that Mr. Krabs has 250 followers on tumblr (Kudos on that!). We had 2 callers (Yay us!), one of which was a prank caller (someone from our own station at that!). It was a lot of fun! Listen to know more! 🙂

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/srkas2/its-a-rap-19-08-2016-600-pm-anthony-nathan-sahana-sayu/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1]




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Hi! I'm from Mysore, India (South - Think Bangalore!). I joined Radio Monash to meet new people and have new experiences. I read books (A lot) and it's often hard to catch my attention when I'm engrossed in a great book. I usually don't talk a lot but once I'm comfortable in a place, you won't hear me shut up. My other hobbies include: Writing, Binge-watching Supernatural, Nature-walks, etc. PS: I also love Harry Potter so if you got any trivia, just hit me up! :)