The Other Guy is a new comedy series from radio presenter, musician, comedian and just about everything-man, Matt Okine. Following the story of radio presenter AJ, and the traumatic ending of his almost 10 year-long relationship, the show explores the hardships of heartbreak and love with grace and humour.

The show is all about AJ (Matt Okine) and the very real situations he finds himself in after having his heart broken by long term girlfriend, Liv (Valene Kane). Through awkward one night stands where somebody wets the bed (a staple joke from one of Okine’s hilarious stand up shows) and internet bullies, AJ goes through a journey of self-discovery that ultimately has a disappointing destination for him. The stories found within The Other Guy are bitter tales of selfishness and arrogance, which becomes a driving force behind the show’s delightfully diverse cast of characters.

Importantly, much like another stellar Australian comedy-drama, Please Like Me, The Other Guy has very frequent and devastating tonal shifts. Okine undeniably has the chops for both comedy and drama, and there are some incredibly overwhelming scenes were Okine holds his own dramatically. A large portion of the laughs and the drama come from AJ’s kooky and eclectic housemate Stevie (Harriet Dyer), who supports AJ just as much as she pushes him into his weekly disasters. In fact, the whole cast easily dramatically diversify themselves with ranged performances, especially with Stevie and her character arc having particularly striking twists and turns which Dyer handles with poise and a sense of humour.

The visuals of The Other Guy are another fantastic component of the show’s overall draw. The cinematography style is distinctive and at some times astounding, utilising the natural and luscious colours of out-door scenery. When the season takes a short, cathartic holiday to Sri Lanka, the country’s vibrant shades and intricacies are captured lovingly on camera. Smart and unique shots made through interesting camera placement also keep the visuals interesting throughout the season.

If there’s one complaint to be made, it would probably be how short the season is. With only six-episodes, my time spent with AJ and his friends felt slightly cramped and short-lived. And with the show’s slightly melancholic ending, the show felt like it was over before it began.

Despite this, The Other Guy could not be recommended any more. It’s an honestly brutal show that features one of Australia’s best comedians, and is soundtracked by some of Australia’s best current music. Get a Stan account, and watch The Other Guy.




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