‘Coming Home’ is the fourth studio album by the American rock band Falling in Reverse. The 13 song album contains music that is soothing, therapeutic and confusing at the same time. Reminiscent of My Chemical Romance, the album is the perfect cure for boredom or dreariness leaving listeners engaged and enthused.

There’s a certain pattern to the music. Ronnie Radke, the bands main singer; writes from a deeply personal place, channelling himself and his experiences through the lyrics of the album. There is, however, a certain relatability in the music, which comes as a relief to the sombre motivations behind each song. “Loser”, “I’m Bad At Life” and “The Departure”, are all stand out tracks on the album.

“Loser” is a song about heartbreak and how it has changed Radke. He emphasises the fact that heartbreak is hell to go through and that the accused should be guilty because “You killed me here, the blood’s on your hands” – a totally valid, however, potentially hyperbolic statement. Anger isn’t the only emotion felt when going through heartbreak and Radke makes the experience realistic by including desperation, sadness, and withdrawal in the song. Despite being delivered by a broken voice, it is the subject of the lyrics that is robbed of all power and victory over Radke’s emotional state – making the song eventually endearing.

“I’m Bad At life” explores the ever blurring lines between devotion and obsession. With lyrics such as “At least you know I’m good in bed, so trace the lines of my tattoos. Whisper that you love me too” and “I’ll give you bad advice because I’m bad at life” – the song buys into the caricature of the ‘bad boy’ seducing his eye’s affection. The chorus however, is more complex – filled with various contradictions to reflect the delusional mental state of the singer. As the album explores themes of depression and mental illness, these lyrics exemplify the singer’s emotional troubles and his poor mental health. The singer takes the listener on a tour around the confusing and absurd thoughts he has to deal with on a daily basis. While confusing the audience, listeners are shown just how deranged and strange Radke’s thoughts can be.

“The Departure” is arguably the best song on the album. It has a mixture of teenage angst married with the confusion of adulthood and living on your own. It’s a song about becoming the person you don’t recognize and trying so hard to understand what’s right and what’s wrong despite morals being a social construct.  It’s a song about setting the soul free so that it can be free from all the social constructs that supposedly keep everyone happy. At times like this, people often forget about whether the individual is happy as compared to the society’s happiness. This song emphasises the point in life when we go through life monotonously, and nothing actually makes any sense and how death is the inevitable end.

Overall, the album was a very revealing experience. Music is a fantastic storytelling device and Falling In Reverse have created compelling and heartbreaking stories that are revisitable and relatable.



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