The highly anticipated debut single of former One Direction member Zayn Malik – who appears to go by the mononymous and stylised ZAYN now – dropped yesterday leaving former 1D fans, and who am I kidding, everyone else, reeling over its music video.

Ever since his departure from the boy band early last year, much speculation has surrounded the 23 year old’s solo debut.

A few days prior to the release of PILLOWTALK, Zayn sat down with Zane Lowe to discuss his 1D career, revealing that he “never really wanted to be there” and found the collaborative writing process difficult, speaking graciously of his former band members who would “facilitate” his influences which contrasted the One Direction brand and image.

This new avenue of his has become very apparent considering the sexually charged energy of the song and music video which features arguably two of the most attractive people on the planet right now – Zayn and Gigi Hadid, high profile model and Zayn’s irl gf (so cute) – kissing and canoodling during the clip. Couple this with a visceral futuristic art house theme to a slow tempo electronic track and you best believe you’ve got yourself Internet music video virulence.

PILLOWTALK has been viewed almost 9 million times since its YouTube debut.  The video depicts some kind of sexual fantasy comprising of flower crotches, nude silhouettes, and black and red paint tears with kaleidoscope effects used throughout.

Nothing much can be said about the song. It’s incredibly likeable yet frankly unoriginal. Zayn has jumped on board that noir&B train which has been popularised thanks to artists such as The Weeknd and Drake in recent years. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired with the creative genius that is /so we’ll piss off the neighbours/ of the chorus. Despite all this, I can admire a good vocalist when I hear one and Zayn sure has pipes. I look forward to indulging in more of his smoke wrapped buttery vocals with the release of his debut album -Mind of Mine- in the near future.

This entire situation is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s fall from NSYNC grace and his debut solo release of Like I Love You, short of dope choreography and Pharrell cameos. I personally wish him just as much success and here’s to more slow tempo certified radio bangers.

When asked in an interview with The Sunday Times about the obvious themes of the song, Zayn said that the single was written about sex adding, “everybody has sex, and it’s something people wanna hear about. It’s part of everybody’s life, a very big part of life.”

Damn straight, Zayn and kudos to you and this new direction of yours (pun cringe-worthily intended).