P!NK Bursts Through the Looking Glass with “Just Like Fire”


Alecia Moore (more popularly known as P!NK) is one of those few artists to whom I have an unwavering sense of loyalty. Having followed her career religiously for as long as I can remember, I feel fairly confident in saying that Pink may be one of the most talented and diverse performers of our generation. From her humble origins as one third of the R&B Girl Group ‘Choice’, all the way through to her various Pop-Rock and Contemporary R&B albums including “I’m Not Dead” and “Funhouse”, to 2012’s incredibly diverse and popular “The Truth About Love” and finally 2014’s folk music collaboration as part of “You+Me”; her career has charted across a number of music genres, earning high praise at almost every turn. This week, 4 years after the release of her last solo album, Pink has released a brand new original song written especially for Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, hitting theatres around the world in the coming months and, as the title suggests, it’s “Just Like Fire”.

There’s certainly a familiar feeling to the single that almost seems reminiscent of “Raise Your Glass” and “Funhouse”, though doesn’t sacrifice the freshness or originality one has come to associate with the artist. Bursting with life, “Just Like Fire” is addictive listening and has the makings of one of the years most successful Pop-Rock anthems. From its acoustic opening to the energetic chorus where Pink delivers strange but nailed high-pitched notes, the track itself takes listeners on a journey down the rabbit hole and into a crazed and wonderful atmosphere. Already the public’s reception of the tune is remarkably positive, with the single rising to number one on the Billboard and Twitter Trending Chart within the first few hours of its release. This looks to be merely the beginning of the song’s prosperity, with the official video, directed by Dave Meyers, set to debut in early May.

Obviously one can’t really gauge how accurately this song fits the tone of the film it is written for, given that it is not released until later this year. There are, however, a few aspects that at the very least suggest enough to allow us opportunity to speculate. Lyrically the song features a number of hidden references to Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. From opening with the words “I know that I’m running out of time”, the imagery created through the mentioning of the ‘madness’ and ‘colorful charades’ of the sky, and finally to the depiction of a hero that doesn’t quite fit in – it is very clear that while the song is good enough to remain afloat without the connection to the film, there are notable elements of inspiration. On top of that, the chaotic rock star vibe the song exudes is one that seems to be shared by both the new film and its predecessor.

With “Alice Through the Looking Glass” also including the release of Pink’s “White Rabbit” and the latter half of 2016 seeing the launch of her newest album, the next few months seem unusually jam-packed for fans of the singer. For the moment however, “Just Like Fire” has reignited the world’s passion for Pink’s music with a single driven my its high energy and catchy lyrics. It’s another home run for one of the world’s most successful artists, who is showing absolutely no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Connor Johnston