Today Radio Monash announces that Aleks Djukic has officially resigned from her position as 2017 Station President effective 19th of April 2017

The following statement was provided by Djukic, explaining the reasoning for her resignation and thanking both the 2017 Committee and member base for their support:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation as President of Radio Monash. Due to health complications, I will no longer be able to fulfill the requirements needed to undertake this responsibility.

Since my term began in November of last year, I have been blown away by the continual hard work and dedication of my committee; from the AACTA awards, to the renovations of the space, to a reinvigorated broadcast grid and an incredible online presence. I am eternally grateful to all those who have contributed to the life of Radio Monash during my presidency.

While I am regretful of the fact that I will not be able to fulfill the full 12 month term, I am thankful for the understanding of my team and the community during this difficult time.

Luka Janicijevic, current Vice President and Production Manager, will be stepping up to the role of President in the interim and I trust that with his reinvigorated vision for Radio Monash, that our community will continue to grow, thrive and make an impression within Monash University and beyond.

My presidency will officially cease next Wednesday the 19th of April. Until then, business as usual. My inbox is always open for inquiries.

Djukic’s time as part of the Radio Monash Committee has without question been one of the most fruitful and active periods in the station’s history. The 2017 Committee would like to thank her for her service and passion for the station during this time, and wish her the best, both through her current health complications and her professional and personal future.

The resignation of the 2017 President comes following the departure of other committee members before the commencement of the year that has seen existing members Sahana Kashyap, Connor Johnston and Paul Waxman take over additional portfolios with aid of the entire committee; and returning committee members Natasha Brennfleck and Gavin Kroeger also appointed as Interim General Member and Interim Web Director respectively.

In order to fill a number of both new and current vacancies, the 2017 Committee has officially called an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) for May 4th 2017, at 5pm in Lecture Theatre S1 (128). All Members are invited to attend and vote. Nominations for Committee Members will close Monday the 1st of May at 6:00pm sharp. Nomination forms will be available in the Radio Monash Lounge from next week. The list of current vacancies include:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Programming Director
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Co-Director of Events
  • Technical Assistant
  • Web Director/IT
  • Marketing Assistant
  • General Member (1)

The 2017 Committee would once again like to thank all its members for their support and understanding throughout the first semester thus far, and look forward to welcoming a number of driven and passionate individuals to their elected positions on May 4th.