Membership Agreement

By entering into this space and contributing to Radio Monash I agree to:

  • Always abide by the laws of the Radio Monash Constitution in all Radio Monash business.
  • Be respectful towards others within the Radio Monash community and those Radio Monash does business with. I will not bully others, will always be respectful of other’s opinions and will not partake in discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, religion or similar
  • Respect the property and space of Radio Monash and those that are part of the organisation.
  • Respond to correspondence from Radio Monash and any of its members within 48 hours.
  • I will be wholeheartedly committed to Radio Monash responsibilities I elect to undertake, inclusive of the content I produce for Radio Monash.
  • My membership can be revoked at any time if I am found to be in breach of these policies.