If you haven’t heard of Alex Lahey by now, you have definitely got to question whether or not you’ve been living under a rock. 2016 has been the year for the young singer/songwriter from Melbourne, from being given the green light by the magical Pitchfork, to opening this year’s Splendour in the Grass as Triple J’s Unearthed Winner.


With this in tow, the release of Lahey’s debut EP, B-Grade University, comes as no surprise that she’s continued to maintain the heat with an epic piece of work. This five-track EP delves into the constant existential woes and feelings experienced by twenty-something-year-old university students. The EP consists of tracks such as Ivy League, Let’s Go Out, Wes Anderson, You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me and L-L-L-Leave Me Alone. This collection of tracks is quite clearly a reflective stance on a very transient and disorienting period of most people’s lives. Yet, Lahey portrays this era of confusion wonderfully through her not-so-serious and self-deprecating sense of humour.


The second single from the EP Let’s Go Out emphasises the simple desire burning within every poor Uni student, which is basically to go out and, as she puts it, ‘have fun’. This track is literally made for killer car-karaoke and is an instant mood-booster with its bouncy guitar riffs and catchy chorus. Another standout track, Wes Anderson, produces an aura of young love, with its soft and dreamy pop feel, tinged with an honest and melancholic undertone as she sings ‘everyday with you is my lucky day’.


Studying an Arts degree may seem somewhat pointless to many, but Lahey contrasts this with her bright take on pop-rock, leaving the listener with a smile as they realise they relate to nearly everything she writes. This ability to cut to the mundane and visualise the ‘everyday’ is enticing, and perhaps works to be quite therapeutic as well.


Alex Lahey and her band are keeping themselves very busy over the next few months, both touring alongside The John Steel Singers, as well as conducting her own huge EP release tour! Keep up to date with Alex’s movements on Facebook, or catch the band for what is shaping up to be a packed night at The Gasometer on the 8th of October.


Stream B-Grade University below on Spotify: