Review: Meghan Trainor – NO


Sixteen hours ago, on March 21st (US EST), Meghan Trainor debuted a new music video on YouTube for NO, the key single on her upcoming Thank You album. It already has over 660,000 YouTube views, and the track itself is in the top 30 on every major western chart. The music video, incidentally, was the first YouTube video of the track that is not a cover.

While probably uncultured and hedonistic on many levels to admit to this travesty, I love nothing more than jamming out to catchy pop numbers, (preferably while driving to uni, or singing along when my metalhead friends are about, making them twitch convulsively and complain of ear bleeding), which makes Miss Trainor a big favourite… And this new track was ‘No’ different.

The track opens to a vintage, record-like quality, with old timey brass instruments accompanying the vocals, which are quite gracious and the sort of speech most girls’ grandmothers had them memorise to refuse suitors circa 1951. It then changes tack with a rather vehement rejection of someone whose behaviour, based on the rest of the song, is probably blurring the line between being persistent and sexual harassment douchebaggery at some sort of watering hole. The lyrics do manage to amuse – they spell out what this guy’s ‘game’ is when it comes to picking up a girl (hint: without a shred of originality).

The music video itself does not feature a man in sight – just a bunch of women dancing around in an abandoned factory. Like most of her videos, No features a quaintly aggressive ‘empowering women’ agenda, though at least this, unlike Dear Future Husband does not outright objectify men. The filmography theme seems to have been taken straight from Run the World (Girls!), with choreography that’s easy enough to be followed by every teenie bopper in the western world, and a dizzying series of flash cuts.

It is a perfectly pleasant song to bop along to on the radio – shallow, pleasant, it will not hurt your eardrums or, if your parents are in your car, horrify them at whatever degeneration we happen to have reached as a generation. And it’s superficial and pleasant. Though, if any of you have heard the song, could you perhaps explain to me how the lead-up to the chorus is “lick your lips and swing your hips girl all you gotta say is”? Because I am 100% convinced this is not the way to go with ditching your tail at a club.

A Oberoi