RKDA release debut EP, CS

Photo by NW Stills


Last week, Melbourne industrial dream pop trio, RKDA (pronounced Arcadia) released their debut EP, CS. After putting out absolute pearls like 2015’s Spaces or Quartz earlier this year, this is truly a band to keep on your radar.


CS is a diverse four-track EP. The track list includes lead single, ‘Quartz’ and is followed by ‘Lenanshee’, ‘Frontline’ and ‘Coffee’.


This EP is eerily fascinating, with strong beats complemented by atmospheric synths, it acts almost as an ode to the classic 90’s shoegaze scene (see: My Bloody Valentine, etc. etc.) Yet, it also hints at industrial and post-punk influences too. What makes RKDA unique is that there is no set singer, making the band more distinctive through their sound as opposed to the voice which works so well for them. Although this may be disorientating sometimes, the contrast between their dreamy voices nonetheless, produces an entrancing and charming effect on you from start to finish.


My particular favourite is ‘Frontline’. With foreboding tension created through the repetitive long screechy sounds and a mix between high and low pitched vocals, this track is haunting and obscure in the best possible way. As a standout, It’s addictive and makes you feel as though a giant wave is just about to crash over and send you into complete oblivion.


It’s really difficult to compare RKDA to other bands because they’re so unique, but if you find yourself to be a fan of artists like Chelsea Wolfe, Trust and Nine Inch Nails, then look no further – this EP is the one for you!


With such a strong release, you shouldn’t miss out on these local underground pioneers. Currently hosted on Soundcloud, you can listen to CS below. You can also catch them at their EP Launch, as they hit up Shebeen on the 28th.



Bella Scalia