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Slew Rate | Fridays @ 8PM

Hosted by Luka Janicijevic // slew rate noun [ELECTRONICS] “the maximum rate at which an amplifier can respond to an abrupt change of input level” Slew Rate brings you a finely curated playlist of electronic music spanning multiple genres and formats. Oct 7, 2016Oisin Collins

The Drop | Fridays @ 6PM

Hosted by Sahana Kashyap //   Music and celebrity news, with lots of international music from around the globe. Bollywood, Arabic, Turkish, K-pop and more! I take requests and have fun, so tune in and let me know the songs you want to hear.  Oct 3, 2016Oisin Collins

DNA | Wednesdays @ 7PM

Hosted by Daniel Wotherspoon and Ant Bruce // Join Dub and Ant for some light-hearted listening. Each show consists of some juicy, random topics along with some regular segments. Get to know us a bit more each week with “Question Time”, find out some of the things that really grind Ant’s gears in “Ant’s Rants”, […]

Deja Moo | Mondays @ 6PM

Hosted By: Connor Johnston, Paris Balla, Yusuf Aly and Sam Corcoran //  If you’re looking for fresh, meaningful and funny conversations concerning the politics and pop culture of the day; Deja Moo is the place to go. Ranging from serious, analytical commentary to downright embarrassing banter, Deja Moo covers everything from Parliament to Pop Music. […]

Beats and Vinyl | Mondays @ 7PM

Hosted by Oisin Collins // Tune in and you can hear a whole range of funky, soothing, and downright catchy beats with Oisin your dedicated host. Funk, soul, blues and even jazz – bringing you the best from the extensive vinyl collection in the vaults of Radio Monash. House, trap, dubstep, electro, beats, drum & […]

The 5th Down | Tuesdays @ 7PM

Hosted by Harrison Murtough // Join Harrison every Tuesday night to talk all things American Football. Every episode we will be following the latest occurings Stateside and examining players, teams, stats, fantasy, the works. Get in touch with your NFL questions, whether you’re a diehard fanatic or just starting to get into the game, “The 5th Down” […]

Siren Sounding | Tuesdays @ 3PM

Hosted by Aleks Djukic and Kathy Zhang // In Greek Mythology, the Sirens were creatures of the sea that lured sailors to their doom with their beautiful voices, guiding their ships to the rocks surrounding their island. These days, the word siren is synonymous with a powerful and dangerous woman – a femme fatale or temptress […]

33 RPM | Thursdays @ 4pm

Hosted by Yusuf Aly, Tim Neville and Bryce Bishop // 33 RPM, the loudest hour at Radio Monash. If it’s loud and makes you want to headbang, we’re going to play it, review it, and interview those that made it. We aim to hit the fine line between serious analysis of music and having a good […]

The Political Bronx | Mondays @ 12PM

Hosted by Vivek Thilkan // Political Rant Show with dope hip hop playing in the background. Possibly a couple of interviews throughouy the year but no guarantees. Will be covering a wide range of topics. Full of memes. Full of memes. Full of memes.Full of memes. Full of memes. Full of memes. Full of memes. Full […]

KOMB Radio | Tuesdays @ 12PM

Hosted by Hamish and Jarred // Join Hamish and Jarred as they breakdown the latest releases of music and entertainment media, discuss cutting edge news and give their naive opinions on global current affairs, all whilst maintaining a grin from ear to ear. Jul 16, 2016Connor Johnston

Monash Mornings | Mondays @ 9am

Hosted by Connor Johnston and Shelbui Inglis  // Start your week with 2 loose cannons and be a better version of you. Join Connor and Shelbui every Monday at 9AM, half asleep and totally disoriented – tackling the worlds problems through the filters of innuendo and hardcore comedic gold. Featuring music designed to get you started […]

Extra B Radio – Fridays @ 7PM

Hosted by Anthony Crabb Extra B Radio. Bringing the sound to Melbourne. Friday nights Radio Monash 7pm ——- Jul 15, 2016Connor Johnston

The Sentinel | Thursdays @ 8PM

Description Coming Soon Jul 15, 2016Connor Johnston

Borderless | Thursdays @ 9PM

Borderless is the show that breaks down country borders, language barriers and genre boundaries to discover the music beyond. Join Emily D on Thursday nights to hear music of all genres and countries, from Sweden to Japan and everywhere else in between. Giving explanations on what the music is about in between songs, Borderless is a show that […]

News Hour | Weekdays @ 5PM

Hosted by Timothy Neville and the Radio Monash Journalists // The News Hour is Radio Monash’s flagship news and current affair program. Broadcast daily at 5, the show features news from the world, the nation and the university, presented by Monash’s most talented radio presenters and journalism students. From bulletins to analysis and debate, the […]

Reviewers Roundtable / Artist Alert | Thursdays @ 6PM

Hosted by Mike Riviere and Sean Wynn // The journalism teams are dedicated to maintaining the RadMon website’s content and imparting our love of the arts with the online community; our impassioned writers and editors seek out the best local and international music, film, theatre and all things cultural in order to share and grow our artistic communities […]

Beats and Pieces – Thursday @12PM

Hosted by Jared McCunnie — Description Coming Soon — Jul 15, 2016Connor Johnston

Top PiX | Tuesdays @11AM

Description coming soon Jul 15, 2016Connor Johnston

For the Record | Tuesdays @ 1PM

Hosted by: Ewan Roxburgh // Before Spotify playlists or Apple Genius Recommendations…. before the need for constant change and fatally short music trends; there was record stability. “For the Record”, hosted by Ewan Roxburgh, is show that celebrates the often underappreciated art of producing an entire album by listening and discussing a different record each week. […]

The Jez and Isaac Show | Thursdays @ 2PM

Hosted by Jeremy and Isaac // Current issues, trends and styles all looked at from a not so normal perspective. Along with facts, fiction and stories from the week that was, combined with music that is sure to make you want to dance. Jez and Isaac are sure to make the person next to you […]

Lizard King | Wednesdays @ 6PM

Hosted by Katie Harbord // At 6PM every Tuesday… the Lizard King will rise! Join host Katie Harbord as she interviews local bands and musicians to discuss their own influences. Featuring some of the newest punk, rock and emo music hitting the music scene as well as discussions revolving around upcoming gigs and various genres – […]

PRES with Finn and Harry | Thursdays @ 8PM

Hosted by Finn and Harry // Get warmed up for a killer end to the week with PRES. Packed full of all the things you love about student life, music, movies and political cynicism, PRES will liven up your Thursday with Tunes, banter and our Weekly Gripes. Whether you plan on having a quite night […]

Mind Fuzz | Tuesdays @ 6PM

Hosted by James Pacholli // Mind Fuzz is the space between what is and what can be. Mind Fuzz is an extension of the emergent interplay between consumer and media. Mind Fuzz is about 20 minutes of a young man saying silly nonsense and 40 minutes of music he likes. Mind Fuzz is a whole […]

It’s a Rap | Fridays @ 6PM

Hosted by Peggie Sakwa // It’s not JUST rap music! It’s a girl, her love for music, a mic and a phone, jamming out on a Friday night. IT’S A RAP relishes on the sounds and poetry of hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B and other eclectic genres of music. The program incorporates a theme of discussion and […]

Colour Coded | Mondays @ 2pm

Hosted by Arundhathi Lekshmi, Amena Ziard and Rosa Budiman // Colour Coded is an offshoot of the Monash Women of Colour Collective, an autonomous program with WOC and Non Binary POC hosts. We talk all things race, gender, and politics on and off campus. Each week we start with an overarching topic, and how this […]

Music Time with Annie and Oli | Fridays @ 12PM

Hosted by Annie Zeleznikow and Oli Davidson // A quirky show with guests games and music. Focusing on lesser known artists and local Australian bands, we explore different genres and get a tantalising taste of some classic music. Jul 15, 2016Connor Johnston

The Showtunes Show (Of Tunes) | Mondays @ 1PM

Hosted by Isaac Scott // For all you Hamilfans, Ozians, whether you jam to Heathers or Hit List, Newsies or Next to Normal, we have you covered! Listen in with Isaac every Monday at 1pm for an hour of Music Theatre discussion, the best the world’s soundtracks have to offer and general fun times!  ———- PODCASTS […]

The Crate | Thursdays @ 1PM

Hosted by Ashan Kathriachchige //  What happens when a poor university student cracks open his metaphorical crate of records that includes possibly the most diverse and unique collections of music that spans across a variety of artists, genres, time periods, countries? Tune into the crate from Thursdays at 1PM to find out! Featuring a range of segments including […]

Rad Owls – Exclusive to Podcast

Rad Owls // ~ Bed time stories, tunes, and fun with some happy owls ~ // A very special late night radio experience only on Radio Monash…focused on campus life, news and events from around Melbourne and the local community, as well as lots of fun segments. Tune in after dark to hear witty banter […]

K&S Interviews | Fridays @ 4PM

Hosted by Jamie Kaiser //  Each week we get et a new member of the Monash community in the studio and talk about their life. We will discuss key moments, their background, their formative years and whatever they’re passionate about. Music will be played and will either be a song selected by my guest or I […]

Hiii Power | Mondays @ 4PM

Hosted by If y’all don’t know us by now, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit disappointed. Not mad, just disappointed. We bring the RnB, Hip Hop and Rap culture to Radio Monash. We have our Top 5, our random weekly games and of course, the major Rap Battle at the end of […]

Off Prompt – Exclusive to Podcast

Hosted by Connor Johnston// Radio Monash Presents “Off Prompt” – a podcast focusing on all aspects of the theatre world. Hosted by Connor Johnston and featuring special guests from across both the professional and amateur scene; “Off Prompt” will provide everything from insights by industry professionals on how to nail the perfect audition, to the most […]

From Start to Finish | Fridays @ 3PM

A music show featuring an album played from its beginning to its end, including the artists’ view of what their songs represent and mean found through interviews and lyric notes. Albums featured could be classic, popular or unknown, and either way, the show’s function is to spread tunes for the people and show what songs […]

RHYTHM | Fridays @ 11AM

Hosted by Jay Chauhan // Rhythm is an hourly musical extravaganza where genre has no meaning and listeners can discover new music first! The show has already gained a following of listeners at the University of Warwick in the last year, where I was studying prior to moving here for a year. Weekly segments include Rhythm […]

Cool Off Zone | Wednesdays @ 4pm

Hosted by Lola Ayeni and Helen Nguyen // We believe that radio should not just be fun, but should be the ice at that nerve- racking moment.  Hosted by Lola Ayeni and Helen Nguyen, The Cool-off Zone is a themed musical show. Every week does not feel like the same with the choice of music. We […]

Monday Night Shitposting | Mondays @ 9PM

Description Coming Soon   Jul 13, 2016Connor Johnston

Humon by Radio Monash

The Lives of Humans at Monash…. Curated by Hugh Murray //  HUMON seeks to lend an ear to everyone within Monash campuses (campi? Like octopi). Not just students, but everyone. Tutors, lecturers, the disadvantaged, cleaners and construction. We seek to form the entire image of Monash. Humon seeks to bring people closer, a purpose that programs such […]
Connor Johnston