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THEATRE REVIEW: Heroes of the Past & Present

The beauty of Greek theatre is that the themes that epitomise it have traversed both time and space and even today, have a strong relevance to our modern society. Performed by Fusion Theatre, Heroes of the Past & Present tackles this through it’s continued focus on how the morals of Greek tragedies can be paralleled to what’s happening in the context of today. . A hero can be defined as someone who goes beyond themselves or exceeds supposed limitations for the benefit of others, of which this can perfectly describe the stories of the six characters from the play. Located at the Hellenic Museum, the play goes through six stories – three ancient and three modern, each representing a story from each of the ‘heroes’. The minimisation of the set, restricting themselves to three chairs and dark walls allow a specific focus on the three actors which gave the audience the power to concentrate on the performance as opposed to the mise en scene. Read more …