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Radio Monash at Groovin the Moo Festival, Bendigo

Co-written by Co-Director of Cultural Journalism, Paul Waxman and Radio Monash member Maria Dunne. Photography by Maria Dunne and Paul Waxman

The usually busy and crowded Caulfield Station was mostly empty, excluding other backpack toting, festival goers. Pulling up into Southern Cross Station, the vastly sized station was just as unusually desolate save the glitter covered and confused Groovin attendees who were looking for the correct train to Bendigo. As everyone was finally on the correct train, at the crack of dawn mind you, the train was filled with excitement for what seemed like an exciting lineup of music and an incredible day of partying and fun.

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Tash Sultana Kicking Goals with Debut EP ‘Notion’

A Bourke Street Mall busker, Tash Sultana has truly taken the world by storm. She is currently on a massive Australian tour (after an eventful luggage mishandling incident that made global news), and is set to become a major name in Australian music. So for those of you who have not seen her fantastically engaging and charismatic sets in Bourke Street, I strongly suggest you check out her EP Notion.

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‘Neon City Pilot’ Soars with their Debut Album “Ghost Wings”

I don’t know what Australian musicians have been up to recently, but it seems every second artist is changing their stage name. Even the Melburnian jazz scene has gotten into the mix of this “evolution” la-di-da, with a fusion quintet that came to my attention earlier this year pulling a “Prince” manoeuvre, to change their name from ‘Pilot’ to the increasingly vibrant, but also confusing ‘Neon City Pilot’. But despite all the befuddlement that comes with changing a name, the group has just launched another incredible release, with their debut album Ghost Wings.

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Felix Riebl – “Paper Doors” Review

I’ve been a Cat Empire fan since their hit ‘Hello’, and have loved their distinctive Australian take on ska and jazz. The Cat Empire have toured the world countless times, and their music is loved internationally for the band’s stupendous brass lines, keyboard finesse and thrifty use of vinyl scratching. Front-man Felix Riebl has been the mastermind behind the majority of the band’s success, with his charismatic performance style and intelligent song-writing.


But, following on from the band’s successful 2016 album Rising with the Sun, Felix has decided to go solo once more and release a second album. Paper Doors, released 2nd September 2016, may be short (totalling only 37 minutes), but certainly has a great variety of content. With guest artists including the likes of Emily Lubitz, Katy Steele and Martha Wainwright, it is certainly nice to hear a more intimate canvas for Felix to sing with.

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PODCAST: Cool-off Zone S02E02

Hosted by Lola and Helen.

This week, we thought it would be really fun to get into the heads of our listeners by asking  how their day was going through Music. How did that go? Well, we just asked for songs  that depicts how your day was going. Songs that actually reflects your current mood, feelings and activities. Voila! we got a whole playlist.

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Radio Monash Presents: Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Come along to the first Radio Monash party of semester two!

Following the first Music Reviewers Meeting on Thursday night, we will be hosting a Listening Party.

The Listening Party will commence at 6pm, with light refreshments being provided on the night.

We will be spinning the world’s best-selling album of all time – Michael Jackson’s classic THRILLER – on vinyl.

We will also be curating a playlists of songs selected by YOU – so please get those requests to usl

If ya wanna be starting your second semester on an awesome note, Radio Monash is the place to be. Admission to the event is free, and we can’t wait to see you all there!

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Surprises, Stunts and Sex Tapes: Selling Albums in 2016

In a society where music streaming and (heavens forbid) music piracy reign supreme, it is terrifying to watch what extremes musicians now need to go to sell their albums and make an income. With an absolute bombardment of music in every corner of our busy lives, it may be difficult to imagine how hard musicians and their publicity team work. Yet, it now takes a huge publicity stunt to get sales rolling for even the musical legends of our era. Long gone are the days of poster advertisements and a good review on Countdown. Artists are resorting to unusual and ridiculous measures to sell their musical products to you. Read more …