Uberfest Interviews. part two


Fallen Ends

So how did you guys decide on your sound? There’s some Pantera vibes, some Killswitch Engage, maybe some more progressive stuff too..

Rudy [Guitar]: I guess what we’re trying to aim for- well aim probably isn’t the right word- we somehow end up writing songs with aggressive music and still keep the vocal lines melodic and clean; almost like a hard rock vibe. And it’s been difficult for us to put ourselves into a pocket because there aren’t many bands that sound like us. Usually when you play aggressive music the vocals and the melody tend to follow the aggressiveness, but in our case we want to give it a different twist, where there’s a combination of hard rock and modern metal.

So you guys used prerecorded drums today for your set…

R: At the moment we’re getting a new drummer, who unfortunately isn’t in Melbourne at this point in time [Laughs] but hopefully the next time you catch us we’ll have a full lineup.

How does that change the way you play onstage, having a drum track?

Kurt [Vocals]: I mean we play to the track, so we probably lose a little bit of the feel of having a full line-up, but we still get away with it.

R: I guess we’re all quite used to playing to a click track, so we don’t really have any issue with that. Joel [Bass] keeps the time in check [Laughs] so.. the vibe, we hope it’s still there, but it’s obviously not going to be a permanent thing and we’ll bring in a full line-up in the not-too-distant future.

Have you guys got anything in the pipeline? I know you’ve made a pretty big splash on ReverbNation.

K: We had our little single release, we released one song from an upcoming EP called “Truth Never Lies”, which is up on ReverbNation now.

R: Yeah we have a few songs up on ReverbNation, obviously a few more to come on our EP, which hopefully people will check out. It’ll be available soon on iTunes, Google Play, all that. Be sure to check it out.

The Stone Fox

So how’d you guys get started?

Ben [Vocals]: In the beginning, there was a bass player–

Brad [Bass]: Who drank too much pixie juice..

Ben: ..and decided “let’s make a dirty rock n’ roll band”. We had Nic [drums] on board, then guitars came after that, Billy..

Brad: Billy and Nic used to play in a punk rock band in high school, so that’s how we kind of met them. We all went to the same high school..

Ben: Which is strange, there’s ten years between me and the drummer and guitarist so I’m the grandpa of the band.

Brad: Grandpa Nelson.

So there’s a punk influence, but you guys have more of a bluesy, rock n’ roll sound, there’s kind of a grunge influence as well..

Ben: Yeah, definitely. I mean I grew up in the 90’s so I’ve got this big 90’s influence. The other lads are maybe a bit more punk, we love our hillbilly stoner sort of stuff, so we all try to make it work together.

[Billy arrives]

Brad: White chocolate has arrived!

Ben: He stepped on his glasses just before, onstage..

Billy: Halfway through the set. You know when you hear the crunch?

Brad: You’re not gonna see a thing for the rest of the night.

Ben: That’s alright, you were planning on getting blind anyway.

Brad: He’s already blind, you can’t get much blinder than that.

Ben: Double blind.

So you guys have got an album out now..

Brad: Yeah, we’ve got our debut album out now. We’re recording album two in July.

Ben: So we’re heading back to Brisbane, then we’ll knuckle down and work on the second album. We played a new song tonight, “Dead Man’s Shoes”. We’ve had an acoustic version on the radio, and it’s now becoming our favourite song to perform. It’s so funky and groovy and stuff, we love it.

Brad: Then we’ll get out there and play more gigs. This is our first time to Melbourne, it is cold down here!

Ben: Yeah, we’re not used to it. But everyone’s been super nice to us, so yeah, we love it.

Thanks for talking to us, is there anything else you wanted to add?

Ben: Just hook us up on Facebook and look out for our second album.

Ryan Wilson, The Post

So you guys just got offstage, how do you reckon it went?

Yeah I think it went pretty well, we thought it sounded not too bad so that was good.

So you guys have ben around for a couple years now..

Yeah, our first EP came out in 2014. I think it was about November.

So how did you guys get started? Were you in other bands beforehand?

Dean the bass player and I are both twins, so we wrote a heap of songs together. We played played as a three-piece for a bit with Jay, our drummer; October last year was probably the first show we played as a four-piece with Kelby, who’s one of Jay’s childhood mates.

What would you say your influences are?

Well Jawbreaker’s one of our favourite bands, we love a lot of 90’s music like Jebediah, Grinspoon, their older stuff especially.

So you put a single out late last year..

Easy Way Out.

..How do you find things change in a studio compared to playing live?

Well we record live. I mean we do the vocals seperately, but all the rhythm sections are all together. We don’t play to a click; we started to when we did our first EP but we played very robotically, straight to the click. It didn’t sound like us so we just scrapped that and played live. We just add overdubbed guitars, vocals and that.

So you guys have played a few shows interstate, how do you find you’re received in places like Brisbane compared to Melbourne?

Yeah it was good, it was a bit different. Some shows we got people to and some shows we didn’t, but it’s our first time doing it so we expected that. Brisbane was really great, we had people come and watch us. Sydney was the same. Adelaide was a bit quiet but you know, that happens.

So what’s on the horizon?

We’re recording an EP and we’ve got some tour shows booked for August, so hopefully it’ll be out around July. We’re doing that with the guitarist from High Tension, so we’re pretty excited about that. We’re gonna be playing in Bendigo at the MusicMan on the 29th, then I think we’ve got another few shows we’re working out details for, so we should be pretty busy.

All the Wise

Great set guys, how do you reckon it went?

St. Clair [Bass]: Okay after getting back from Cherry Bar at 5am last night.

So how’d you guys get started?

St.: We bumped into each other in the street about 5 years ago, after.. you know, we all went to school together years ago. We used to play in Death Metal bands, that sort of stuff. Thought we’d have a bit of fun.

You’ve all been in various bands over the years, how do they compare to your sound now?

Hamish [Vocals, guitar]: We’re old now, so we’ve got to slow down a bit. But I mean it’s fun, keeps us off the streets.

Have you got any recordings lined up?

H: Yeah, we’re hoping to put out an EP in a couple weeks.

So you’re finishing up a tour now..

H: Yeah, we’re heading back to Sydney now, we’ve done Canberra and Melbourne. Going to do some shows back home.

Have you guys got any tour stories from this trip?

St.: Nothing for this time slot.

How are you finding your reception outside Sydney?

Ben [Drums]: Melbourne’s great. The scene in Melbourne is really good.

St.: Awesome bands down here.

Paul [Guitar]: Yeah, we love Melbourne.

Symptoms Persist

Awesome set guys, how do you reckon it went?

Werner [vocals]: Pretty good yeah, everyone seemed to like it.

How’d you guys get your start?

Craig [Bass] Me and Werner have been playing together for about 11 years, and we’ve grabbed this awesome drummer about 11 months ago now.

Tim [Drums]: Yeah it’s funny, I was down at Falls Fest. The reception at Falls is a bit average, so I’d just gotten out and I saw this call. This heaps old guy from Canberra was going “yeah, we saw your ad on Gumtree or something.” [Laughs] And then it probably took three months to get our shit together to do a rehearsal. Then we played a few gigs around Canberra, Sydney.. and this is our first time in Melbourne.

How’s your reception outside of Canberra?

C: Pretty good really.

T: Who knows, I mean we haven’t done a lot.

W: The crowds like us. There’s been a few gigs that have been short on crowd, but the 10 people that were there seemed to like it. [Laughs]

T: I think as an underground metal band there’s a lot of hard work to be done before you get a following, but it’s slowly growing. Like Werner says, the people who see us come up and say “your show was cool”. Bit different, not your average cookie-cutter metal.

Yeah, I mean you’ve got a real Pantera vibe, a groove metal thing going, what are your other influences?

C: Yeah for me Pantera, Sepultura..

W: System of a Down, Metallica.

T: It’s funny because I’m a bit broad, I listen to it all. You’ll see me spinning everything from Adele to Pantera to System. I love all the old nu metal stuff too, I grew up with that. But I haven’t played metal this heavy for a while, it’s fun.

You guys put out a demo last year, “Because of You”. Have you got any other stuff coming out?

W: We’re gonna be in the studio soon.

T: We’re thinking of just doing a three track thing. If we can it’d be cool to put it out on a 7-inch, but if not digital to start with. But yeah we figure less is more, do it simple.


You guys just came offstage, how do you reckon it went?

Jack [Drummer]: It went alright, yeah.

Harley [Vocals]: I reckon it was about 80 percent.

Stephen [Bass]: We’re all a bit tired at the moment, we’ve got a new drummer.

Tim [Guitar]: Yeah, we’re transitioning..

J: Yeah again, it’s always my fault. [Laughs]

I gotta say that’s the first time I’ve seen everyone out of their seats all day.

Jack: That’s actually how I got into the band. I saw them one night and I jumped up the front and just stared at Gab [Guitar] the entire time. Then I saw them again and Harley gave me the mic and freaked out that I could actually sing.

T: And we were probably in search of a new durmmer at that stage anyway, we weren’t happy with the one we had.

J: You’re still unhappy with me. [Laughs]

So you guys obviously have a big Maiden influence, you did a Judas Priest cover, so that kind of NWOBHM sound is generally where you’re coming from?

T: Oh yeah, I mean we could sit here for hours talking about our influences but it comes down to a lot of the big guys back in the 70’s and 80’s.

J: We noticed, as a band when were all talking about our influences, we all named one member of Iron Maiden each.

Gab: Pretty much Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath..

T: He brings a lot of thrash influences.

H: And I’m a big Pantera fan. Old school Pantera is my main influence.

J: Gab and I are into Dream Theater.

T: We all so have our slight differences in influences, and we all find a medium, it all works.

How’d you guys get your name?

T: That’s probably the hardest thing in the world as a band, finding a really good name. We were discussing names and Harely just worded it out. There are a few other bands called Guillotine..

G: That’s why we’ve got a Y in it.

T: Yeah, just to differentiate.

J: Ours is more metal.

You were saying before you’ve got some gigs lined up?

T: That’s a funny story, actually. One day, Gabriel and Harley Light here decided they’d head off to the cricket and bring along a piece of cardboard with “Guillotyne” on it, “check us out on Facebook”. Funnily enough, a few people responded and one guy said “hey man, I want you to play at my birthday”. So we got a gig out of that.

J: In May we’ve got a gig 28th May with that Motley Crue tribute band [Shout at the Devil], Twisted Sister tribute band [Still Twisted]…

T: And Morth! Whoever reads this you have to check out Morth. We’re hoping on gigging more with them.

H: And we’re doing a gig with Kopious as well.

T: Yeah, actually tonight ended with a gig offer. It’s all good, but we just have to restrain ourselves a bit and not put too much on our plate.

J: Once we have a full set ready to go, it’ll just be non-stop.

T: We try to put as much into this as we can. It’s not to be taken lightly, for us anyway. This is what we live for, so we want this to go as far as we can. We’re not here to fuck around.

Have you guys got any new stuff on the horizon?

J: We’ve got two three songs in the works that aren’t quite ready.

T: We’ve got buckets of stuff that’s being looked at picked at.

J: We’ve even got songs written that we haven’t brought to the band yet.

G: We’ve got plans for an EP too. Well, “plans”. We have plans to plan the plan of recording.

H: Maybe by the end of the year, max. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for talking to us guys, anything else you wanted to add?

T: Just wanted to give a shout-out to the Mister Sink crew and in particular Rob Mincone. Thank you very much. [Laughs]

J: Favourite TV Show.

T: Everybody get on it. Channel 31, Wednesday night. It’s real. It ain’t no Better Homes and Gardens shit, it’s fucking real stuff.

J: Also, the Green de la Bean meme page.

T: Ah fuck, cut it.

Ian Sumners