Theresa May has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, agreeing on a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to form a minority Tory Government in Great Britain.

Reports that she had found victory came through just shy of 8:00pm here on Australia’s east coast.

The deal will enable her to narrowly pass legislation through the House of Commons.

Many will remember the landslide victory of the then Cameron-led Conservative party. However recent security catastrophes in Britain left many across the world with the view that support for a Tory Government would rise in the wake of extremist terror attacks.

Exit polls however indicated a lack of support for May’s Government throughout the day, and leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, has been calling for Mrs May’s resignation once votes had been counted.

Factors contributing to May’s lacklustre victory suggest the ongoing issues inherent in Brexit and a surge in youth enrolments to vote.

May’s call for a snap election have backfired, and will significantly complicate her Government’s tenuous position in Brexit negotiations.

The situation tastes bitterly familiar to conservatives here in Australia, who would easily recall a similar situation during the July 2 elections last year, when Prime Minister Turnbull called for an election in order to win back the Senate from independents and minority parties, particularly the NXT and Jacqui Lambie.

Further to come in the following weeks as Theresa May now seeks Royal Assent in order to form a new Government.



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